[Shanghai] Chikalicious @ Xin Tian Di (新天地)

My first entry for my Shanghai series! So here goes… On the first day of our mother-daughter trip to Shanghai, we were strolling through Xin Tian Di (新天地) after dinner and this new, futuristic-looking architecture caught our eyes. There was no one inside there café but out of curiosity, we went in and asked what they serve. Apparently, it was dessert house hailing from New York! They opened very recently and the patisserie chef was flown in from the Big Apple. The whole experience was simply amazing.

Some serious #DiningRoomGoals. I loved how the pastels come together against the beautiful multi-colour marble floorings.

We went on to the second floor, where desserts that came in set menu was served. The set menu consists of an amuse bouche, a choice of dessert and petit fours, at RMB188 or S$40 per person. No sharing allowed. While the price tag is high, it doesn’t hurt to spoil yourself while on vacation! 😉

Amuse Bouche: Coconut Foam with Sweet Corn Ice Cream – The sweet corn ice cream was extremely memorable – it tasted like frozen corn juice. It was naturally sweet and the taste of corn was unadulterated. The coconut foam was so light, it was akin to eating clouds!

Dessert Choice: Brown Sugar Panna Cotta w Pineapple Sobert, Lime Agar & Apple – Out of the 6 desserts to choose from, about half of them were either sold out or unavailable. That said, our choices were still delicious. The panna cotta was velvety and soft – melting in your mouth so gently. The brown sugar/caramel taste was subtle and paired well with the tart pineapple sobert – which was another win. I can only imagine the numerous rounds of taste-testings and tweaking in recipe to achieve this perfection.

Dessert Choice: Mocha Hazelnut Trifle w White Coffee Ice Cream – The layer of mocha sponge was served warm and the contrast in temperatures with the coffee ice cream was incredible. Again, the coffee ice cream was delicious! The texture was really fine, and the coffee aroma was fantastic. This dessert is on the heavier side for me though but it would definitely please any coffee lover.

Petit Fours – Alright, I was expecting 4 pieces of mini dessert bites, but there were only 3. 😦 We had marshmallow, mini cookie (served warm) and hazelnut cake. Despite wondrously tiny, the flavours of each were insane.

For dessert lovers like myself, I would highly recommend you Chikalicious. The concept is bold, fresh and I must say, full-of-substance. From what I understand, they do serve ala-carte desserts at level 1 – so you can pop by anytime after your meal and enjoy the pretty ambience and get high on sugar.

兴业路123弄5号(88新天地会所1-2楼) – Floor 1-2, 123 (inside 88 Xintiandi Boutique Hotel)
Find out more: http://www.timeoutshanghai.com/venue/Restaurants__Cafes-Cafes/32530/Chikalicious.html


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