Adrift by David Myers @ Marina Bay Sands

Helmed by Celebrity Chef David Meyers, Adrift’s interior was spectacular – divided by rooms, each room is filled with a visual feast. From having swings as your dining chair, overlooking the pond, to a mini library (pictured above), you are being transported out of Singapore for a moment. I was here for a beautiful weekend brunch, consisting of an appetiser buffet, choice of 1 main and choice of 1 dessert, priced at $88++ per person.

Cold Seafood Bar includes oysters, chilled crab, king prawns, raw fish, mussels, octopus and bay scallops! When I was there, they even had langoustines. Apart from the seafood bar, there was a good variety of pastries, salads, cold cuts and fruits! My attention was wholly on the seafood though… as you could tell. Loved how sweet and fresh the langoustines were!

[Mains] King Crab & Pimento Cheese Omelette w Avo Toast – There were 8 mains to choose from, including the usuals – eggs ben, pancakes, wagyu cheeseburger, steak & egg etc. Made do with a simple omelette, which was runny on the inside. It was pretty nondescript to me.

[Mains] Crispy Chicken & Sweet Potato Waffle w Maple-Umeboshi Syrup – The waffles was pretty fine! Starchy and denser than the usual waffles, the texture was closer to that of bread. It went well with the chicken. The syrup had a distinctive taste sour plum – if you’re not a fan of sour plum, this dish is probably not for you. It was quite a letdown that the chicken was served lukewarm though. I would have appreciated it better if it was fresh off from the frying oil. 

[Desserts] Caramel French Toast w Coconut Sobert, Kopi Syrup – Not your usual french toast, this had a nice aroma to it and the coconut sobert was amazing! The texture was magic.
[Desserts] Chocolate Hazelnut Cake w Vanilla Ice Cream – Not usually a fan of cakes, I found this addictive. It definitely helped that it was a thin, long slice and every bite gives you different layerings of flavours and textures. The chocolate was rich and dark – providing a nice contrast to the vanilla ice cream. Worth the calories I would say!

Despite some letdowns, the meal here was an enjoyable one overall. I would recommend to choose the other mains. Oh! Halfway through the meal, a trolley of food came into the room and went its rounds table to table. There was fish, pork and lamb. I remembered the pork being really delicious! That extra touch was memorable.


Adrift by David Myers @ Marina Bay Sands
Weekend Brunch, Sat & Sun, 12-3pm
Tel: 6688 5657


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