Kanda Wadatsumi Japanese Dining @ Tras Street

Kanda Wadatsumi is right next to the gym that I go to so it’s been on my to-try list for the longest time. The concept of this restaurant is based on a popular Japanese restaurant in Tokyo center. Strongly backed by Zengyoren Japan Fisheries Association, a representative of all coastal fishermen in Japan, you can be sure that the freshest shipments are right here at Kanda! The space is rather small, with half being taken up by the kitchen. The other half consitutes a narrow sushi counter and several tables that sit 4 guests. It’s definitely an intimate setting here with quality food being served.
Japanese Egg Omelette w Cod Roe ($15) – We decided to forgo sashimi here as it was quite pricey, though I can’t recall the exact prices now. Hence, we went with the next best, which was egg with mentaiko! Despite being the most ubiquitous dish, Japanese egg omelette is the one that holds the power to make or break a chef’s reputation. Over here, the egg omelette was well-executed, a testimony to the chef’s experience and skills. Served with a light, gooey gravy, the omelette was even silkier and smooth. Packed with many layers of egg sheets, it was fresh and soft. When paired with the mentaiko, it was perfection. Who needs sashimi? 😛
Grilled Salmon Belly ($16) – I’m always a fan of grilled salmon belly and this surely did not disappoint. Grilled to perfection, the salmon belly was so tender and it literally slides in your mouth and this is in contrast to the crispy and slightly-charred skin that cracks upon your bite. I just wished… the portion was twice of this.
Simmered Japanese Beef w Japanese Green Pepper ($18) – Again, the portion was just puny. 😦 That said, the beef was so good! Though it wasn’t wagyu, it had an umami flavour to it! The thin slices were so tender too. Extremely well-seasoned, the stock and beef had consistently identical taste. Mirin was probably added, which created the sweetness in the stock. You really have to savour this slow.
Rice ($5) – Even the rice served here was extraordinary. Frankly, I could just eat the rice by itself as it contained a fragrance of how rice should taste and smell. As you can see, 3 dishes to be shared between 2, was not exactly substantial.
Green Tea Rice Dumpling w Ice Cream ($8) – Black sesame, red bean, green tea and soy bean – all of them shout Nippon! Yes, I do urge you to end your meal on this sweet note. At least the dumplings will fill you up. 😉

Quantity vs quality – which is more important? As a foodie, I would say quality. Quality food comes in small portion because it leaves you wanting more. It’s the same logic for the otherwise. When you visit a restaurant too often, you’ll get sick of the food even if you loved it to hoots at the beginning. Thus, if you ask me whether I’ll come back to Kanda Wadatsumi, I would say I would. I’ll even recommend it to my friends and you. Authentic, intricate and quality are what you are paying for, for sure.


Kanda Wadatsumi Japanese Dining
50 Tras Street
Tel: 6221 6264
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kandawadatsumi.sg


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