Crab in da Bag [New Outlet] @ Sports Hub

Riding the wave of success since its first introduction in 2013 at Big Splash (read my first post on Crab in da Bag back then), the second branch of Crab in da Bag is proud to open its doors at the Singapore Sports Hub, bigger and better! The interior is fittingly decorated with a nautical theme which consists of fishing nets, buoys and marine creatures that will instantly transport you to a bustling fishing port like the Fishermen’s Wharf in San Francisco. Walking into the restaurant, the friendly crew will not hesistate to usher you in and make you feel comfortable on board this gastronomic journey. Their favourite greeting? AHOYY~
You see what I was saying?
Where can I get my very own lobster mat?
The awesome view from the restaurant!
House Fries ($7) – Savoury paprika powder tossed over shoe-string fries, I can smell the flavours of Louisiana from the screen already. Crab in Da Bag specialises in Cajun-style seafood with Asian twists, which you’ll see later.
Mum’s Pasta in da Bag! ($16; portion is not representative of original) – Big, succulent Venus clams and savoury Bratwurst sausages covered with thick sweet and sour sauce. This dish captured the essence of a warm home-cooked meal that will appeal to the entire family. This recipe was passed down from AP’s (founder of Crab in da Bag) late mum’s recipe, thus this dish was added into the menu as a tribute to her. And… it comes in a bag too!
Crispy Chewy Baby Squids ($12) – Baby squid deep fried in a dark spicy sauce – a dish similar to those commonly found in Chinese zi-char restaurants and will be familar to many. I thoroughly enjoyed this fragrant starter and it started to get really additictive to a point that I was chomping it down non-stop.
Tiger Prawns with Salty Splash Seasoning ($26) – I must admit that I was a little disappointed with this supposed salted egg yolk prawns. Not only was it lacking the wokhei fragrance (of zichar dishes), the salted egg yolk flavours were not infused within the prawns, but merely coating its shells. That said, the prawns were extremely fresh and QQ – they’d definitely go better with the real Louisiana spices.
Salad in da Bag! ($12) – Don’t forget your veggies! Get interactive tossing your own salad in a bag!
Freshly shuckled oysters graced their presence at the launch event and boy were they good, especially so with the homemade Thai Green Bird sauce!
The highlight of the launch event was whipping up a mega boat of Caboodle Boil!
Amazing, isn’t it? This is the first layer of Caboodle Boil, consisting of Clams, Mussels, Prawns, Corn Cobs, Potatoes and Bratwurst Sausages! Boiled in the water infused with bags of specially-concocted Louisiana herbs and spices, the freshness flavours of the seafood were enhanced.
Are your eyes growing wide now? The Sri Lankan Crab, King Crab Legs and Alaskan Lobster now top the boil!
Happiness on a boat, this.
The generous seafood pots of Caboodle Boil come in Titanic Pot ($299++, for 4 pax) and Gigantic Pot ($399++, for 6 pax)! The Gigantic Pot consists of 1 Titanic Pot + 1 Boston Lobster, Cray Fish, Loligo Squid.
If you can’t tell from the photo, let me just tell you that the prawns, crabs and lobsters were really huge! The seafood were boiled optimally, leaving their sweet, power-packed meat tender and succulent. The joy of eating these shellfish is getting your hands dirty with your friends and family and feeling the immense satisfaction and proud moment when you successfully pluck out a chunk of meat. *beams*
There are 3 homemade dips that will be served together with the Caboodle BoilThai Green Bird, Nothern Malaysian Sambal and Louisiana Garlic Butter. Honestly, honestly, I love all of them. As much as I love Thai Green Bird, the other 2 dips hit home too. You’ll have to taste it to understand what I mean! 😉
Say hello to the Crab in da Bag mascot!

Head down to the latest seafood paradise and get down and dirty already! I can foresee the restaurant become a frequent hangout for families and huge gatherings of friends. It’s that one place that never fails.


Crab in da Bag
Water Sports Centre
8 Stadium Walk, #02-05
Tel: 6384 3511
*Closed on Monday
Tues-Fri: 4-11pm
Sat-Sun: 12-11pm


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