MAY MAY @ Tras Street

Many would have heard of the delicious rice bowls MAY MAY serves for lunch, but do you know their dinner is pretty epic too? When you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the heavenly combination of marble and wood. There’s a light well in the middle of the restaurant and even an air-plant wall on one side. Apart from food, the ambience here kept me coming back.
Even the gray tiles look perfect.
Slow Cooked Squid [Poached pear, ginger, pistachio] ($15) – What a memorable starter! The squid was sliced thickly and was extremely tender despite being so chunky – that’s slow-cooked squid for you. I haven’t heard of such cooking technique applied to squid but really, thanks to the chef’s innovativeness, we can savour this. Japanese flavours were injected into this starter, with mild hints of ginger. The pear was flavourful from the same seasoning and the pistachio lent a contrast in texture with its crunchiness. Well executed!
Crispy Rice [Scallops, prawns, seafood broth] ($28) – Big enough for 2 to share, there were 5 prawns and 2 huge scallops in this dish. *yay* However, what stood out to me most was the epic seafood broth – full of seafood and umami goodness. This is one of those comfort food that you would want to dig into on a bad day. Also, be surprised by the texture of the rice – instead of plain boring jasmine rice, this had a slight crunch to it, as though lightly fried. Thus, this dish becomes more than just a porridge when combined with the broth.
Liu Sha Donuts ($5 for 3) – My love for anything liusha led me here. Sad to say though, this was a little underwhelming. It may have been left sitting in the kitchen before arriving at the table as the doughnuts were no longer warm and the liusha was coagulating. I guess it was just my luck!
White Wine ($16) – Portion is a little too tiny huh?

I went back to MAY MAY to try their famous lunch bowls (Pork belly rice for me) and I really loved it! Both lunch and dinner worked for me, so what’s stopping you from visiting? 😉


65 Tras St
Tel: 6221 4698


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