FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant @ Mohamed Sultan Road

The first Japanese restaurant to serve Fugu or pufferfish, has finally arrived at our shores – also the first in Asia outside of Japan! #livingontheedge There are over 100 pufferfish species but only 20 are edible. Hence, only the highest of quality fugu is served here in FUKU Restaurant, which is also flown in twice a week from Shimonoseki (the ‘Fugu Capital’). In case you’re risk-averse, it’ll be a good time for me to tell you that the pufferfish are handled in Japan, with all poison removed before going through AVA’s tests in Singapore. Also, Chef Koji in photo above and below is a licensed fugu chef, and the only one in Singapore. So, rest assured that you’re in good hands! You’ll now be able to enjoy pufferfish with a peace of mind, without traveling all the way to Japan!
Do you know that fugu is low in fat content and provides a rich source of protein? The skin also contains a superb level of collagen too! More pufferfish please!
Extremely skillful Chef Koji slicing fugu sashimi into paper-thin slices.
This used to be a real fugu… at least now you know what you’re eating!
We started off with some appetisers of simmered fugu fish and fugu fish skin.
Fugu Sashimi – Instead of dipping it into wasabi and soy sauce, we were encouraged to roll the thin slices of fugu with Japanese spring onion and fugu skin. It became a small popiah, and accompanied by ponzu sauce. Not only is this a new way of having sashimi, it was really enjoyable too! Usually, I’ll intentionally peel off the skin from my fish but in this case, fugu skin is QQ in texture, similar to jellyfish. Love it!
Fugu Sushi – The fugu are sliced thicker for the sushi as compared to the sashimi. If you’re wondering how it tastes like, let me just try describing it to you. It’s chewy and firm, pretty QQ, with none of the fishy taste you normally find in tuna etc. – somewhere between squid and fish in my opinion.
Fugu Karaage – Enjoyable was an understatement for this dish. Hot and crispy on the outside created by the light coating of batter, the meat within was firm and fresh. More importantly, it was not greasy.
Fugu Hotpot ($70, Ala-carte) – On to the highlight of the meal after sneak peeks of what this wonderfish has to offer. A specialty at FUKU is the fugu hotpot, available in 3 types of soup bases – clear, soya bean and red miso. At this tasting session, we tried both clear and soya bean soups. Read on to find out which one I love most!
A whole plate of fugu fish – good to share between 2 to 3 people. Similar to the sashimi, there’s no fishy taste in the fugu fish and I personally enjoyed the texture of the fish a lot. I’m not one who likes mushy food, so the firmness in the fish definitely suited by palate. To me, it’s akin to enjoying a plate of fish cheeks! 😉
Vegetables and tofu are all imported from Japan, which was evident in the sweetness in them. Thumbs up!
Soya bean soup base!
This was my first taste of Fugu Soya Bean Hotpot and I must say I am in love with it. The soup was so sweet, yet savoury at the same time. I volunteered for more bowls of soup ‘cos it was simply too tasty. If you’re a fan of soya bean milk, I can guarantee that you’ll love this too! The amount of nutritional value within this pot must be mighty high too.
Fugu Hotpot Clear Soup
In comparison to the soya bean soup, this was a little more bland yet delicate at the same time. You could taste each element in its purest form.
A5 Miyazaki Beef Shabu Shabu Hotpot ($70/plate, Ala-carte) – What will keep me coming back to FUKU, apart from the wonder-pufferfish, is this. The best of the its (Wagyu) breed, you can only imagine how divine this was. The marbling was insanely perfect and the melt-in-your-mouth sensation was simply orgasmic. *sigh*
A closer look at the highly-prized meat.
Similar to the fugu hotpot, the staff will be behind the stove, cooking the hotpot for the table.

My first fugu experience was amazing and I strongly feel that with a specialty restaurant that has opened right here in Singapore, all of us should try it at least once! Whether it’s for bragging rights or not, I’ll leave it up to you. 😉

P.S.: For the month of June 2015, FUKU will be having a special promo, where each pot of fugu goes at $60!!!

FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant
14 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 6235 8216
Website: http://fugu-fuku.com

Many thanks to Li Qin for the invite!


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