Superstar K Korean BBQ @ Circular Road

Before I start my essay, let me just say that I’m glad to be back after a rather long hiatus mainly due to two back-to-back long vacations, followed by some unprecedented problems in life. But guess what? I’m back on Foodiepink full steam and with more determination ever to continue my Eastern Europe series… as well as Phuket, Australia, Italy, Hong Kong and Spain series. The list never seem to end. Meanwhile, remember to follow me on Instagram (@foodiepink) for almost-daily updates! 🙂

Alright, back to Superstar K! Many of you may be familiar with Superstar K as you can find it along the stretch of Korean BBQ restaurants at Tanjong Pagar. About 6 months ago, they opened an outlet along Circular Road, offering value Korean lunch sets for the working crowd, complete with banchans (Korean side dishes). After trying their lunch sets, I decided to go back for dinner one night and guess what? No crazy crowds like what you usually get at Tanjong Pagar! Awesome, or what?

I love how organised everything is over here. The cutleries are not only new, but really functional as well. You no longer have to share your spicy sauce, garlic and onion!

Free top-ups of banchans here! I especially love their mash potato and beansprouts – always having double portions of them. Their seaweed salad is something that you don’t usually get in Korean BBQ restaurants, but just as delicious too.

Steamed Egg (FREE!) – This arrived at our table even though we didn’t order it! Not too sure which dish this came along with but I was simply delighted (the aunty in me says that this costs about $10 elsewhere)! My love for Korean steamed egg is equivalent to my love for Japanese Chawanmushi and Western Egg Benedicts.

Seasoned Pork Neck Meat ($19) – Service here was exceptional as the staff took the time to help us with grilling and cutting the meat, though really, the fun of it is to doing it myself. I expected the pork neck meat to be more tender than pork belly slices but it turned out to be rather tough still. I was pretty disappointed in this.

Grilled Beef Ribs ($29) – Thankfully the beef salvaged the night! Cut into cubes, the bite-sized morsels of beef were pleasurable to taste and chew on. My only gripe? The correlation between quantity and pricing.

Tofu Stew ($13) – I had this for lunch and I loved it! Hence a repeat order. Apart from the mish-mash of soft tofu and egg wash, you will find seafood in there too. What I love about this, is its kick and spiciness. Too many times, I’ve had deceivingly spicy red soup but lacklustre in sensation. I can’t promise if there’s no MSG in this though.

No doubt, Superstar K is more superior than your $10-BBQ-buffets but it certainly came with a price. For ambience and convenience sake, this wins Wang Daebak hands down but in terms of value and taste, I think the latter wins.


Superstar K Korean Restaurant
45/46 Circular Road
Tel: 6224 0504


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