Staycation: Llyod’s Inn, Singapore

I knew of Llyod’s Inn way before its opening, thanks to my BFF who showed me photos of this picturesque property and another colleague of mine stayed there during its pre-launch. Of course, a staycation here was called for after all this buzz! Tucked within the residential area of Somerset, it’s a short stroll up a slope from Killiney Road. Its surroundings was extremely quiet and peaceful – it almost felt like my home address was in Somerset during my stay here. 😉 Its decor is minimalist with monotone colours and raw concrete as its defining character. The patio and pool above was simply gorgeous and oh-so-instagram-worthy.
Putting the empty patio to good use. 😛

You’ll cross a bridge that stands above the patio, in order to enter the inn’s lobby. A huge map of the property, filled with boxes and lines create a rather cool ‘art piece’ for the lobby (I thought it was a computing grid artwork on first glance).

Before we were shown to the room, the lady who attended to us directed us to the Pantry area where free tea and coffee are provided.

Checking out our Business Room! The larger rooms, ie. Sky Room & Garden Room, were all booked up during my stay here. Thus, we had to settle with the next best. The Business Room comes with an outdoor shower and the bed is on the mezzanine floor.
Catering to the needs of business travelers, the TVs (downstairs and upstairs) came with keyboards and mouses.

The study table was complete with stationeries too!

Basic amenties were provided at the sink.

Close-up. The packagings had cute branding to them!

Outdoor toilet/shower. When I first heard of the outdoor shower concept, I was extremely excited. However, it fell a little short of my expectations as there was a damp smell to it and I get paranoid of creepy crawlies when I visited the toilet at night (of course, there were none). Rest assured though, the design of the building ensures zero possibility of peeping tom to occur.

Shower area.

The comfy bed upstairs! There’s little room for maneuvering but it was really cosy! With power plugs on both sides of the bed, you don’t have to fight to reach 100%.

View from the bed – small windows filled with greeneries outdoors!

For breakfast, you’re given a meal voucher to head to Killiney Kopitiam for some local breakfast! The meal includes 2 eggs, bread and drink. How awesome!

At Lloyd’s Inn, do not expect 5-star amenities and facilities. To me, it was a home away from home; just like staying in a friend’s new house. I do however think that their Sky Room and Garden Room would be a perfect getaway with huge bath tubs to relax in. With a location so convenient, I’m not surprised that you’ll have to book the rooms way in advance!


Lloyd’s Inn
2 Lloyd Road


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