Bochinche Argentinian Restaurant @ Martin Place

HOLA! I’m back from Spain and what better way to end my blogging hiatus than with a new post on Argentinian cuisine! Close enough to those unforgettable tapas I had just a few days. By Chef Diego Jacquet and Spa Esprit group, Bochinche sits just above Common Man Coffee Roasters (which happens to be by Spa Esprit too). And yes, Argentinian cuisine is rather rare to find in Singapore but the suave chef sure made it easy to make us fall in love with his food! I was here for dinner, but I heard they do awesome brunch too!

Classy counter seats facing the open kitchen with plush high chairs.

Loving the quaint decor here!

100 marks for a dream dining room.

When you enter the restaurant, don’t be surprised if you feel that you’re walking into a supermarket. You’ll see oversized, slaughtered pigs hanging from the ceiling and supermarket baskets making a line. What’s more, you’ll find some nice goodies to pack back after your meal too.

Salami Rustico & Finocchiona ($11) – An affordable starter to go with your wines, though I prefer Iberico Ham.

Sea Bream Ceviche, Tiger’s Milk & Sweet Potato ($15) – I absolutely loved this! Thankfully, I did away with my doubts on ‘Tiger’s Milk’. I didn’t bother clarifying what it was either, what I do know though was that this was really tasty. The gravy was citrusy and tangy, thus eliminating any possible fish smell lingering there. Of course, the fish slices were fresh themselves too. Topped with fried wanton skin (ok sweet potato actually), this was one addictive starter.

Grilled Octopus, Creamy Potatoes, Leek & Tuna Mayo ($19) – It was soft and tender like the ones I had in Spain, but not as good. A rather forgettable dish I would say.

Provoleta, Almonds & Oregano Honey ($15) – Most sinful, but best thing ever. I wouldn’t have guessed that provoleta was baked cheese! But yes, gooey, soft, hard, crispy, everything altogether. Plus, the addition of honey created a insurmountable pleasure of having both sweet and salty tastes on the cheese. Nothing like I’ve eaten before. *thumbs up

House Chirozo Sausage & Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks ($23) – Great portion for smaller eaters and good for sharing as well. The sausage was more fragrant than I expected it to be, loaded with lots of herbs. The ox cheeks reminded me of the ones I had at Common Man Coffee Roasters (Ox Cheek Eggs Ben).

“Chimichurri” Steak Burger, 180g ($29) – Burger fans, this will surely get your nod of approval. Sink your teeth into the thick, juicy patty and feel the satisfaction running through your brain. I loved how they grilled the buns too.

House Parppadelle, Ossobuco Ragu, Walnuts & Smoked Ricotta ($27) – This pasta dish reminded me of Mee Hoon Kueh. It was delicious in its own right, but still not mind-blowingly good.

1/2 Free Range Chicken, Rosemary & Smoked Garlic ($29) – The chicken was sous-vide then pan-fried. I was curious as to how a sous-vide chicken would taste luck but curiosity got the better of me. Sure, the chicken thigh was extremely tender, but I was disappointed that the chicken breast turned out to be stiff and dry.

Creamed Spinach ($9) – Again, a surprise find as this wouldn’t be a dish I normally order. With lots of cheese, butter and cream this is one vege-converter (though it does afterall make eating vegetables unhealthy).

Creme Brulee & Banana Split Ice Cream ($17) – Desserts at Bochinche aren’t cheap I must say. If you must choose only 1, I say go for this one. Just the banana split ice cream alone, I can have 10 scoops of it. As for the creme brulee, a thick coat of torched sugar cracked to reveal a velvety-smooth cream. Nice combo, as it always has been.

Chocolate Pudding, Salted Caramel, Berries & Brioche Croutons ($16) – Some may miss out the magic in this. Topped with a layer of caramel, the wonderful blend of both caramel and chocolate never seemed more apparent. That is only if you manage to scoop both caramel and chocolate together. The dessert loses its magic once you eat the two elements separately.

Creme Caramel & Chocolate Crumble ($13) – You can give this a pass.

Dining at Bochinche certainly brought about lots of joy, from the fantastic food, to the laid-back ambience. Great for huge gatherings too, ‘cos they have a round communal table and it’s just like dining back home.

p.s.: I heard from chef that they are serving up free-flow wines for Saturday brunch at only $25 per pax! Make your reservations pronto.


Bochinche Restaurant
22 Martin Road
Tel: 6235 4990


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