Two Bakers @ Horne Road

I must admit I’m a pretty slow player in this game… the game of conquering the latest cafés in Singapore that is! So here I am at Two Bakers after hearing so much about it! They are famous for the pastries and desserts, but brunch is served here too.

A simple and typical café interior, that differentiates itself with the exquisite cakes. Just in the baking kitchen alone, there were 4 pastry chefs hard at work – they definitely meant serious business!

We were over at AEIOU Café (another day on that) before heading over to Two Bakers, hence just 2 cakes – both signatures that were highly recommended.

Fraiser ($8.80) – Not the cheapest for its size, the strawberries were juicy and fresh. With strawberries lining the circumference, you’re ensured a morsel of the fruit in each of your bite. I loved how soft the sponge was and the cream was not at all sweet – especially great for those who want to enjoy some cakes, without the guilt that comes with them.

Citron Chocolate Tart ($7.50) – A must-try, this will gain the nod of approval from non-lemon-tart lovers and lemon-tart lovers alike. The intense, dark layer of chocolate is ever so deceiving as within it lies the citrusy lemon curd. The sourness of lemon curd has been toned down several notch when combined with the dark chocolate. The tart shell was fresh and crisp. Much love for this one.

I bought 4 more cakes home and they all tasted real great. Gourmet cakes do come with hefty price tags, but these are worth its salt.


Two Bakers
88 Horne Road
Tel: 6293 0329


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