Sankai Japanese Restaurant @ Liang Seah Street

After a short hiatus from the dizzying celebrations of CNY, I’m back! Not too sure if you guys know about this place yet, but Sankai Restaurant serves up really affordable Japanese food for dinner. If you see those huge posters, up to 70% worth of discounts are thrown in for the dinner menu. Read on to find out more about the deals!

5 Kinds of Sashimi ($17) – For $17, this does look kinda measly. I’d say skip the mediocre sashimi here and opt for more cooked food!

Deep Fried Beancurd ($3) – $1 for 1 piece of tofu! Where can you find such prices in restaurants now? Served piping hot, this is one authentic agedashi tofu I say.

Pork Pan-fried Dumpling ($6) – I’m not surprised if this was frozen dumplings, flash-fried. Cravings satisfied though, at $1 per dumpling.

Chawanmushi ($2.50) – My friend found the addition of spinach toppings rather weird but it was alright for me. Not too shabby for $2.50!

Prawn Tempura ($8) – Amazing prices huh? Do order the tempuras here as they are prepared upon ordering, thus arrived hot and crunchy.

Grilled Scallop w Spicy Cod Roe ($7.80/2 pieces) – This was the addictive! Spread with a generous layer of mentaiko sauce (that isn’t spicy as claimed by the way), the scallop had an instant spike of flavours that makes you want to lick the shell clean. You know you can’t stop at just one.

Grilled Beef w Teriyaki Sauce ($12) – Let’s just put it this way. For the price, I did not expect this dish to be fabulous. However, Sankai has proven me wrong. Medium-done, the beef slices were tender and juicy. The teriyaki sauce was not overly-salty too. So good, that we ordered an extra portion.

Salmon, Crabmeat Aburi Roll ($9.80) – Half the price of Shiok Maki, half the shiok-ness of Shiok Maki too. Spend it on the grilled beef instead.

Sankai Restaurant is definitely worth a try in my opinion because you can have both happy tummy and wallet by the end of the night! It can get rather crowded, so do make reservation in advance!


Sankai Restaurant
1 Liang Seah Street
Tel: 6336 0384


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