Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant @ Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

When it comes to dimsum, I must say that we’re spoilt for choice! Having tried many Chinese restaurants in hotels, I must say that each has their own specialties and worth a second, third and etc. visits. During my birthday last year (oops, overdue again), my family headed to Shang Palace for lunch. Surprisingly, the private room only had a minimum spending of $500, half of that of Wah Lok, Carlton Hotel.

BBQ Roast Pork ($15) – See the tiny oil bubbles floating onto the surface of the thoroughly fried skin? Mmm… it was delicious!

Garlic-flavoured Pickled Cucumber ($8) – An appetizer that I always like to start with. The combination of sourish taste from the vinegar and the pungent ground garlic really made an ordinary cucumber shine.

Steamed Gold Sago Ha Kao ($7) – Fresh whole prawns were used for each dumpling, wrapped in translucent skin. A definite nod of approval for this.

Steamed Turnip Cake ($5.50) – I prefer this over fried carrot cake as this was soft and pillowy. Coupled with Cantonese soy sauce that is used for steamed fish, the turnip cake is a nice change from its oilier counterpart.

Pan-fried Roasted Pork Bun w Oyster Sauce & XO Sauce ($3/piece) – It was my first time trying this dish and I got to say it was love at first bite! Similar to 生煎包, it’s exterior is a little crisp. However, as you bite into it, you can feel a change in texture, one of a soft bun’s. Next, you’ll be hit by the strong flavours of the fillings. Not your usual char siew bao, in fact, far from it! Highly recommended!

Steamed Rice Roll w Spring Roll – A rendition of 炸两 (steamed rice roll w dough fritters), the spring roll was much crispier (cracks when you bite) and more fragrant.

Crabmeat Fritter w Cheese & Onion ($6) – I love it when my fried food comes wrapped with beehoon! This was simply an unbeatable combination.

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun ($6) – A dimsum meal is incomplete without these right?

Baked Abalone Tart ($40/4 pieces) – How decadent can this get? Mini abalones were each encased in pastry shells that are usually used for egg tarts. Thick, brown sauce generously doused over the firm and chewy abalone completed this heavenly dimsum.

Double-boiled Superior Fish Maw Soup, Conpoy, Bamboo Pith, Cabbage ($26) – A very nourishing soup for both the young and old.

Peking Duck ($78) – The best thing about the peking duck was the gorgeous crepe skin, homemade no less. My family unanimously agreed that this was one of the most memorable peking duck yet.

Braised Homemade Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom & Broccoli – A simple dish that felt very homely.

Pumpkin Treasure Pot [Vegetarian] – A visual feast this one. The pumpkin was painstakingly carved and it was extremely soft and mushy – perfect for a pumpkin lover like me!

Shang Palace is one place never fails to pop into my mind when I want to have some good dimsum on a weekend. Go on and have a try too!


Shang Palace
Ground Floor
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Rd
Tel: 6213 4473


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