Chapter 55 Café @ Tiong Bahru

At Chapter 55, you won’t have to dread long waiting times ‘cos the space is huge! This is one of the largest cafés in Tiong Bahru I believe, facing the main road, just next to Ah Bong’s Italian. A vintage-British theme runs throughout the café, spotting a predictable brick wall and vintage items.

I’m glad to see the tables being spaced out – great for HTHTs (heart-to-heart-talks), don’t you think?

The other side of the café.

Spot the rack of alcohol behind the coffee machine!

At Chapter 55, you’ll find homemade gelatos too!

Waffles with Lychee Martini Ice cream & Pulut Hitam Ice Cream ($18, after taxes) – The price is steep for a plate of this dessert no doubt. However, I must say that the portion is rather substantial – good to share between 3. What I really liked about this was the ultra-fluffiness of the waffle with lots of air pockets within. My definition of a dream waffles. I tried various flavours before settling for these 2. The lychee martini ice cream had generous bits of lychee within and a mild taste of martini. Very icy and light as snowflakes, it was feather-light on the tongue. The pulut hitam flavour provided a nice contrast with its creamy texture with hard and chewy grains of black rice. Furthermore, they come in huge scoops! 😀

Chapter 55 has a promising ala-carte menu that I’ve been wanting to try too! But next time if anyone asks me for awesome waffles, it’d be Chapter 55.


Chapter 55
55 Tiong Bahru Road
Tel: 6221 2219


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