Southbridge Rooftop Bar @ Boat Quay

The latest rooftop bar to join Boat Quay is Southbridge with the most amazing panoramic view of the CBD skyline yet. Over here, they serve large and juicy oysters at a very competitive prices. Happy Hours happens before 8pm on weekdays where 6 oysters go for only $20! 😉 Perfect for some post-work chill pill.

Bar standing in between seating areas.

The pretty darn stunning view! Try to catch the sunset here and you’ll see the sky turning into various hues and ombres.

Umami Oysters w Ponzu & Yuzu Sauce ($24 for 6) – The signatures of Southbridge. Each oyster was a delight to slurp. Freshly shucked, cold and drenched in the Japanese seasonings, I could taste the freshness and essence of the sea. I was really pleased that the oysters were plump and had none of those unpleasant fishy tastes.

Tropical Oysters w Chilli, Garlic & Calamansi Sauce ($24 for 6) – We were considering really hard whether we should have a second order of the oysters, ‘cos it’d be equivalent to 6 oysters per person… and we caved. This was very much stronger on the palate as compared to the Umami Oysters, which really caused the true flavours of the oysters to be lost. That said, this would be good for those who’re trying out oysters for the first time.

Wagyu Beef Sliders ($18) – There may only be 3 sliders, but it was definitely good to fill you up! One of the better wagyu beef sliders around, the thick slab of mini patty was so juicy that it started dripping all over my hands. I especially loved the caramelised onions and ketchup, which really enhanced the overall taste. The burger bread was thoughtfully grilled too. Messy goodness I must say!

Spaghetti w Crab ($22) – Who would have imagined a bar to be serving up delicious, al-dente pastas? Not me for sure! Hence, it came as a surprise that the noodles were evenly covered with slivers of crabmeat and A+ presentation.

Sex On The Quay [Earl-grey infused vodka, mango, raspberry & sugarcane] ($18) – Southbridge’s signature cocktail, which I don’t exactly appreciate.
Coke ($8) – It’s a must to order at least one drink per person, so here’s the glorious $8 glass of coke.

View by night. 🙂

Though every aspect was picture-perfect at Southbridge, I have to say that the service here was sub-par. I may be too sensitive, but the British server was paying far more attention to the Caucasian patrons than us. When the bar started to get crowded as it got later into the night, we were being pressurised to leave. It was a great dining experience (strictly food and view) for sure, but I’ll have to think twice about coming back here.

80 Boat Quay
Tel: 6536 5818


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