Les Délices @ Kreta Ayer Road

It really doesn’t hurt that more and more dessert shops are popping up… many of which boast pastry chefs from prestigious baking schools. Les Délices is no different, as owner and pastry Chef Georgina Sim was from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. However, the X-factor that differentiates Les Délices is its novel way of marrying both Chinese and English teas to its cakes. Transferring her knowledge and combining them with her heritage, I very much believe that Chef Georgina has created a new way of enjoying her delicious pastries.

Each dessert has been carefully dressed and presented in its prettiest form. Apart from cakes, you’ll find cream puffs in glorious tea flavours, including matcha and earl grey!

I really loved the white marble top (that makes all photos look so good) and the use of gold-accented frames, which gave an extra edge to the bar counter. The use of muted gold for the mirror panels made the entire space warm and cosy.

As Les Délices is meant to be a drive-by grab-and-go café, there is actually a large area behind the bar counter, which I feel is a waste of precious space. With its increasing popularity, I believe that additional seating space would be very much appreciated. That said, I really liked the monochrome shots of Paris. Good memories!

Earl Grey Milk Tea Choux ($5.90) – Lick some cream off first and soak in the true taste of earl grey tea. The flavour was so intense that you could taste that hint of bitterness – a testament to the usage of real tea bags during the process of creating this fluffy and velvety cream. The choux pastry is crispy on the outside and a little dense within; vastly differently from the textures of eclairs. Two thumbs up!

Mango Charlotte Cake ($9.50) – I couldn’t resist posting 3 shots of this. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a true-blue mango sponge cake (nowadays it’s just mousse all the way). Hence, this definitely brought back fond memories of my favourite birthday cake as a kid – Mango Cake from Jack’s Place. Of course, this is way more superior, not only in terms of its price, but also in its quality. Mango cubes were literally overflowing and they were so sweet and juicy! The sponge was thin and light, further complemented by mango-spiked cream and sponge fingers at the side. Truly memorable.

Cold Brewed Tea [Tie Guan Yin] ($4.50) – I’ll highly recommend you to order this cold brewed Chinese tea. It’s amazing how in between eating the Earl Grey Choux and Mango Cake, a sip of this helped to cleanse my palate and refresh my tastebuds.

I must say that I’m very impressed by Les Délices and would have no doubt that I’ll be back soon (and maybe order my birthday cake from them)! Though the price point is steeper and does burn a hole in my wallet, occasional indulgence is always healthy! 😉

Hop over to read Dejiki’s photo tour of Les Délices!

Les Délices
333 Kreta Ayer Road
Tel: 6536 8087
Closed on Tuesdays


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