FOC Restaurant @ Hong Kong Street

My meal of FOC Restaurant happened when it was in its second week of opening, so this post is long overdue. That said, I’ve continually heard great reviews of FOC, so time for you to read this review and see which dishes are worth the trip down! Just for formalities, FOC is the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jubany and award-winning mixologist Dario Nocentini (previously from Catalunya). At FOC, you’ll be able to experience the very essence of Catalan cuisine, using the best of produce and slow cooking.

The restaurant is rather narrow, with a long sitting bar facing the open kitchen and some very eclectic decor. You’ll find huge head mascots all around… and even a motorbike from the shelf mid-air.

More head mascots in the inner dining area.

Deep-fried Potatoes, ‘Brava’ Spicy Sauce & Garlic Mayo FOC Style ($8) – It’s definitely a novelty to have potatoes in such a fancy way. I must say that the first piece was rather interesting, with flavourful sauces but ultimately, it’s just potatoes.

“Scramble before you eat” Eggs w Spanish Chirozo ($10) – This was really yummy! Apart from the wonderful way of scrambling the egg into the ‘rosti’ variant, the potatoes and chirozo were pan-fried to crisp which had a nice, smokey flavour to it.

Cod Fish Puff Fritters w Green Apple Puree [5 pieces] ($10) – Morsels of fish being deep-fried into balls. This reminded me of Nasi Padang’s potato balls, pretty dense within and coated thinly with breadcrumbs. I was expecting the green apple puree to be a little tart but it turned out to be sweet. Not too bad I say!

Grilled Scallops w Bonito Stock & Soya Sauce [2 pieces] ($16) – This was pure food-gasm. By its sheer presentation, you know that these scallops are prized. Indeed, the taste of these precious shellfish was up to expectations. Each one was plump, meaty and juicy. If you put the whole scallop into your mouth, the generous teaspoon of caviar will burst into your mouth, leaving a saltish tinge that complements the essence of bonito stock. So fresh and perfectly cooked, there’s nothing more that you’ll wish for, other than a shorter wait for a second order of these lovelies.

Octopus Galician Style w Paprika, Olive Oil & Potatoes ($22) – A signature dish at FOC, I personally do not think that it lived up to the hype. Sure, the octopus was extremely soft but that fact also took away the chewiness of octopus that I look forward to. The seasonings definitely hit home, so did the potatoes (they tasted like sweet potatoes), so I’m really partial about this dish.

Crispy Pork Tacos [2 pieces] ($14) – Another must-order at FOC! When the dish arrived to the table, I had my reservations. I thought it was a knock-off of Mexican tacos, and I really do not fancy hard taco shells. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. The shell was a cross between biscuit and puff pastry, exuding so much fragrance that it was hard to ignore how much it contributed to the goodness of this dish. The pulled pork was warm and tender, filling up the taco shell to its brim. Love it!

FOC Restaurant is for sure of the better tapas places in Singapore and there are some outstanding dishes that are really memorable, up till today (2 months overdue). Highly recommended for some honest Spanish tapas!
FOC Restaurant
40 Hongkong Street
Tel: 6100 4040


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