Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters @ Upper Thomson Road

Pacamara first caught my attention with its one-of-a-kind name, as it sounded like a spell name that would have been used in Hogwarts (am I stretching it?). However, I soon understand that Pacamara is a type of coffee bean from Bangkok that is being used here. And suddenly, that created clarity for me.

The café stood out from Upper Thomson Road with its clean and pristine white theme throughout. Though I’ve heard great reviews about brunch here, I visited Pacamara for dinner instead!

Making use of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, natural light flooded the entire space, which really is an instant perk-me-up.

Instead of the usual sugary treats, the display shelf at Pacamara was filled with doughy goodness. You should pack some home for breakfast the next morning!

Pane Chocolata Cream ($3.90) – The bread came without being warmed up and it was rather hard. However, after being sent back and warmed, it was incredibly soft and fluffy. It’s basically a chocolate bread with custard within. I love how airy the bread is and it was so much fun eating it, sans the sugar from cakes.

Beef Bolognaise [Traditional bolognaise sauce & spaghetti w premium grounded beef] ($16) – Surprise, surprise! A dish that is available in almost every other restaurant, turned out to be pretty impressive! I love how the pasta was al-dente and the amount of beef gravy was generous enough to coat all the noodles evenly. There’s also a nice garlicky fragrance to it, and balanced off with some shredded fresh parmesan (not powder!). Epitome of finding comfort in simplicity.

Miso-Glazed Salmon [With carrot-orange puree & apple fennel salad] ($22) – As a fan of salmon, it has been my preferred choice of mains wherever I go. I must say there were sparkles in my eyes when I had my first mouthful of this dish. The fish was cooked optimally, a little pink within – firm, fresh and tender at the same time. The size of the salmon definitely spoke for the price. The accompanying salads were amazing too. The puree was velvety-smooth and savoury-sweet while the apple fennel salad presented the crunchy textures to the dish. Eat the cherry tomatoes whole and they’ll burst in your mouth gratifyingly. To top it all off, the sweet pomegranate seeds added a novel factor to it. Together with its beautiful plating, this is one stellar dish that you must not miss, though my only gripe is that the miso taste is a little too subtle.

White [3 oz] ($4.50) – Tasty for me!

I definitely need to head back to Pacamara for the Miso-glazed Salmon as it has been unable to leave my mind ever since. Dinner service starts at 5.30pm and I was the first customer to order dinner mains, so probably more attention was given to my dish as well? 😛

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
Yew Lian Park, 185 Upper Thomson Road


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