SandBank @ Parkland Green, East Coast Park

Good news for the Easties, a whole stretch of new F&B outlets (with ample parking space for free) has opened at East Coast Park, where the golf driving range used to stand, and aptly named Park Greenland! It’s like a mini Quayside Isle in the East. You can find bars and restaurants in XXL sizes here. SandBank is located at the corner right hand side of the stretch, featuring an open kitchen and…

A relatively huge wading pool at the outdoor area of the restaurant, facing the sea! Now you don’t have to go all the way down to Sentosa to hold your pool parties! I was seated right next to the pool and due to liberal splashing of water by kids (the management was kind enough to accede to these parents’ requests), my lamb-skin bag got wet despite glass barriers. So, I’ll recommend to stay away from the tables next to the pool as much as possible if you don’t plan on getting wet. Ranting aside, I found this concept real cool!

Charcoal Grilled Cola-marinated Chicken Wings w Green Papaya Slaw [6 pcs] ($14) – The menu at Sandbank was really extensive and we had a hard time choosing from the list of bar foods and appetisers! We eventually settled with this unique-sounding cola chicken and though the cola flavour wasn’t obvious at all despite hours of marination, the wings were really tender and soft! If you ordered this dish because you’re feeling adventurous though, this may be disappointing.

Design Your Own Pizza [Cheese: Buffalo Mozzarella; Sauce: BBQ Sauce; Topping: Roast Beef] ($21) – A must-order dish at Sandbank is PIZZA! I absolutely loved this pizza (mind you, this meal was right after my Italy trip) ‘cos it was everything I dreamed of. Baked in a traditional wood-fired oven, this pizza has a very thin layer of base, yet it is not too crispy. The BBQ sauce made this a whole lot special too, instead of the usual tomato-based sauces. The cheese perfectly melted in lumps that were gooey and chewy. What made this an absolutely stunner though, was the roast beef! Unlike mediocre beef toppings that taste like expired beef jerkies, these were really tender and moist, full of punchy flavours. Do take note that this is a customised pizza!

Pasta Alle Vongole [Sautéed clams in white wine sauce] ($23) – I thought that this was a little overpriced and underwhelming. The pasta had a strong butter taste instead of garlic and white wine. The saving grace was the plump clams.

I really love how SandBank is a stone’s throw away my home and I will be back to try all their different pizza flavours! I find it real hard to find a perfect pizza thickness and I’m glad the one at Sandbank has passed my test. Great place to unwind with friends and family too!


920 East Coast Parkway
#01-28/32 Parkland Green
Tel: 6247 7988


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