Pince & Pints @ Duxton Road

I finally had the long-awaited meal at Pince & Pints over Christmas last year (which really felt not too long ago). If you haven’t yet heard… Pince & Pints is a lobster specialty restaurant owned by Velda Tan and her husband, Frederick Yap. Think the names sound familiar? They’re none other than the great people behind Love, Bonito. Or rather, used to. Bringing the concept of Burgers & Lobsters from London to Singapore, I’d say that this has been very well-received by the locals. When I was here at 6.56pm for dinner on a Tuesday, I was 11th on the waiting list and told that the wait would be 1.5 hours long. No reservations were allowed, mind you. And so, we waited*, all the while dreaming about our live wild-caught 600g lobsters…

*Hop over to Mars Bar by Mixes from Mars opposite for some customisable bespoke cocktails during your wait! 😉

Grilled Live Whole Lobster w Mesclun Salad, Sour Cherry & Balsamic Dressing, Straight Cut Fries, Herbed Butter Sauce ($48) – There were only 3 dishes to choose from in the menu at Pince & Pints (well, technically 4, since Live Lobster could be done Grilled or Steamed). The only dish that was left out from this meal was Lobster Roll, ‘cos we reckoned seeing the lobsters in their shells would be more value-for-money (visually?). I opted for the Grilled version, with much reluctance, after hearing my friend’s encounter at Burgers & Lobsters London where the grilled one turned out to be too dry. Thank goodness though, the Grilled Lobster was far from dry! The lobster meat remained succulent, sweet, juicy, and firm. Moreover, the fragrance from the grill was irresistible. I’m not too sure how the grilling was done, but there was a nice burnt smell to it. Yes, I assure you that the ‘burnt smell’ is NICE. If you’re afraid that one lobster won’t fill you up, you’ll be happy to know that the fries would. And boy were they addictive!

Steamed Live Whole Lobster w Mesclun Salad, Sour Cherry & Balsamic Dressing, Straight Cut Fries, Herbed Butter Sauce ($48) – If you ask me, I’ll prefer the Grilled Lobster over Steamed, though this dish has its own merits too. Mainly, you can truly, truly taste the essence of an extremely fresh lobster, in all its full glory. I didn’t get to dip my lobster in the herbed butter sauce, as by the time I remembered its existence, it was hardened.

Chilli Lobster w Fried Mantou, Fresh Tomato & Chilli Sauce ($48) – I hate to say this, but this variation was just as perfect. A warning though, the chilli gravy can get pretty spicy, so unless you can take the heat, don’t even try! For the ones who can take chilli, this gonna be real shiok! I loved how the egg wash was so generous and apparent in the gravy, you’ll literally be drinking egg from it. Fans of chilli crabs, do take note of this rendition!

Mantou X5 (comes together with Chilli Lobster) – You won’t run out of mantous to clean your gravy with! Served hot, they’re definitely on par with famous seafood restaurants.

If you’re considering to head over to Pince & Pints, I’d say that you should not even hesitate! Easily one of my most memorable meals of 2014 (partly thanks to recency effect), I’m happy to say that I’ll be back soon enough!


Pince & Pints
32, 33 Duxton Road
Tel: 6225 7558*
*No reservations allowed


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