CottoCrudo @ Four Seasons Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

From the outside, Four Seasons Hotel in Prague, is a humble, low-rise building of colonial style. CottoCrudo is one of the best restaurants in Prague (according to my research prior to my trip), so of course Foodiepink has to give it a try! The restaurant was huge! There were bar seatings separated form another wide area for dining. You can sit by the windows to have a good view of the river too! The decor felt really cosy and homely, not far from the dining room of a penthouse in Manhattan.

A warm-coloured bar area with lots of aged meat hanging in the fridge beside!

Hand-sliced Prosciutto, Toscana (380czk/S$22.50) – Mmmm… dry, aged and fragrant. One slice per mouthful.

John Dory, Lemongrass, Earl Grey Tea (180czk/S$10.60) – This was magic! The earl grey tea formed a light gelatin on the fresh and lightly-cooked fish. It came as a surprise to me as it was a warm starter, even though it looked like a carpaccio. The lemongrass taste was very subtle, but enough to delight your tastebuds. Those crunchy tiny bits of apple completed this stellar starter.

Scallops, Avocado, Mango, Lime & Mint (190czk/S$11.20) – The scallops were extremely fresh and translucent! As for the sauce, all of my favourite ingredients came together to form an incredible one that can beat no other. Sweet, tangy and refreshing, it was one sauce I’ll never be tire of.

Pork with Gnocchi – For the mains, I’ve forgotten to keep a tab of the dish names and prices, so apologies for that! Gnocchi was spot on in terms of chewiness and I liked that its shape had ridges to create more textures. The pork was rather forgettable though.

Chicken with Lemongrass & Saffron Risotto – I found this Asian-inspired dish really enjoyable as the flavours were light yet distinct. The saffron risotto contained dices of crunchy snow peas and these details I picked up from the dishes really certifies the restaurant as ‘fine-dining’ – a notch above the rest where tiny surprises along the way resulted in an unforgettable meal.

Seared Tuna – Just look at that epic-ly fresh slab of tuna. For lack of better words, this dish was just so sexy visually. Two-toned and extremely defined meat, this was as good as seared tuna could get. Minimal seasoning and gravy was what it all needed.

Noto Almonds Semifreddo w Raspberry Jelly (250czk/S$14.80) – So glad that we went on to order desserts even though we were bursting at the seams! The desserts were incredibly appealing visually, almost like food art. I remember this cake being dense and a little frozen (just googled for ‘semifreddo’ and it’s actually semi-frozen custard!). The icy part of it, combined with harder-than-usual crushed almond bits meant extra exercise for your jaw, and a satisfying one of course!

Creme Fraiche Cremino w Dulce Valrhona & Pear Compote (250czk/S$14.80) – The discs of chocolate were paper-thin allowing the deconstruction of this dessert to be rapid. The cream was velvety and light, complementing the crispy wafer perfectly. The combination of the sweetness of pear and bitterness of valrhona was just irresistable.

Amarena Cherries Chocolate Cake (220czk/S$13) – This was rich and dense, leaning towards the spectrum of overpowering. Unless you’re a hardcore chocolate lover, it’s best to share this.

I really like CrottoCrudo (as you can tell) as all the dishes were stellar, without any flaw. Service was great, as expected of a five-star hotel. What surprised me, was the pricing, which turned out to be very reasonable for the quality delivered in a fine-dining restaurant. Indeed, one of the bests in Prague.


Four Seasons Hotel, Prague
Veleslavínova 1098/2a, 110 00 Praha-Staré Město
Czech Republic


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