Luka Lu Restaurant @ Prague, Czech Republic

My first meal in Prague was extremely colourful and fun! While doing my research online, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful interiors of the restaurant. See below! Isn’t this simply stunning? This space is the backyard of the restaurant, with a light-well above and a mezzanine floor accessed by the blue wooden stairs. The epitome of quirky, fun and whimsical is contained within this photo. A happy sight. Where we were seated at. There were so many items hanging from above… with an inverted table nailed to the ceiling and many more props attached to the table. You’ll never get bored of the view from where you’re having your meal at. More mural paintings and eclectic collections adorning the walls! Traditionally-prepared Octopus (395czk/S$23) – It’s my first time having grilled octopus tentacles whole! It was nicely charred on the exterior and chewy in texture. I imagined it to be more springy, like calamari, but it turned out to be more rubbery. Not a bad thing though! The tomato gravy with roughly-chopped vegetables really peaked the flavours in the octopus. The chunks of carrots and potatoes were thoroughly cooked, thus mushy and sweet. Homemade sauces are always the best! Mussels ‘Buzara’ [White wine, garlic, basil] (195czk/S$11.50) – A must-order here! The mussels were so, so, may I repeat, so fresh and meaty! Where have I been all my life? Seriously, the best mussels I’ve had yet! The broth was sweet, fragrant and mildly-salted, because, the mussels just speak for themselves in this dish. Roasted Trout w Thyme (245czk/S$14) – Again, freshness is key. The skin was so crispy from the roast, yet the meat within was moist and tender. Simple execution, big on flavours. Duck Breast w Honey & Orange Sauce (275czk/S$16) – Not too sure which part of the duck this was from but it sure was juicy and tender like chicken thigh! The seasoning was really lovely and unique. It was very thoughtful of them to slice it up into thin stripes, which really made the chewing easier. Spaghetti Ai Gamberi [Jumbo prawns, garlic, cherry tomato, basil] (245czk/S$14) – As food at Luka Lu was so good, we decided to order another plate of pasta to share and boy, it was a right choice made. Pardoning its boring appearance, there was an unexpected umami flavour from the pasta. It did not seem much to us too, until we tasted it. The spaghetti was al-dente and coated with butter. The prawns were fresh and springy. Really a good old plate of pasta to kick-start an awesome Eastern Europe trip! I would highly recommend Luka Lu if you’re around Prague ‘cos the restaurant is an eye-opener itself. No complaints for the hearty food served and prices are reasonable!   Luka Lu Restaurant Újezd 402/33, 118 00 Praha-Malá Strana Czech Republic


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