SONS Bacaro @ China Square Central

During lunchtime, SONS Bacaro is crazily-crowded, thanks to their irresistible set lunch menus. While I never seem to have any luck in getting a table during lunch, I was here for dinner instead. I love the atmosphere of the restaurant in the evening – dim lightings and an air-well that lets the soft light reflect against the monochrome-checkered floor; the entire space looked like the interiors of a contemporary, upscale hotel. The concept of the restaurant is all about small plates. The menu is categorised into harvest, bread, pasta and so on. It’s like tapas, but in modern Italian style.

Hokkaido Scallop Bake ($15) – I liked this. It tasted very much for Japanese mentaiko scallops, sans the roe. The mayo mix was mushy, with its surface blow-torched. The scallops were tender and lovely. This would go well with some bread!

Kurobuta Pork Neck, Balsamic Mushrooms ($16) – While the pork was grilled just right, I found this dish a little confusing. The protein failed to stand out as the strong balsamic taste overshadowed pretty much the entire dish. I wouldn’t mind having just the pork alone.

Tagliolini, Crab & Nduja ($10) – Don’t under-estimate the portions of the pastas here. They’re definitely good for one! It’s really difficult to describe this dish as it’s nothing that you’ve experienced of pasta before. To put things into perspective, it’s like the tagliolini has been soaked in cake batter. Hope that this did not give you the wrong impression as it was truly tasty. Despite being coated with gravy, the tagliolini was al-dente. The nduja (minced sausage) really elevated the flavours of the gravy, giving a nice fragrance to it. Very interesting!

Paccheri, Iberico Pork & Truffle ($16) – Is this even Italian? Paccheri are extra-large tube pastas but this is simply insane – it’s paccheri within paccheri! I interpret this as an isolated, tubular lagsana. After being oven-baked the outer layer expanded to become puff-pastry-like. Cut into it and find layers of pasta, sandwiched with cream and bits of pork. Even though I did not smell the truffle when the dish arrived, the taste was apparent in the layers of pasta. Too unique to comprehend but still good effort overall!

Salted Caramel Strawberry Jubilee ($13) – This is basically gelato, cream and fruits…

Peach Bellini 
SONS Bacaro is not your usual Italian trattoria and it’s always refreshing to move away from marinara and cream sauces. Moreover, if you work in the CBD area, head over and reward yourself with their affordable drinks and small plates!

SONS Bacaro
20 Cross Street
Tel: 6221 3937


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