The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill @ One Fullerton

Occupying the corner unit of One Fullerton, The Pelican’s al-fresco bar provides respite for the working crowd even before the sun sets. Famous for the fresh seafood, the entire restaurant has subtle elements of the marine life. They have both ala-carte and bar food menus for those looking at finger food. Also, that’s a real sleek bar within the restaurant and I wonder why everyone wants to sit outside instead.

Seahorse heads poking out of walls. The ambience is really intimate with its semi-circular sofa booths and clever lightings.

A touch of vintage in their display shelf.

Brioche Crab Toast w Celery Salt, Fresh Mayo ($18) – Though The Pelican has a signature crab cake starter, I wanted to switch things up since I’ve tried the former (and yes, the crab cakes were delicious). I must say that this dish does not trail too far behind its counterpart. The morsels of crab spread generously above the brioche is sent into the oven before being cut into bite-sized portions. It’s a great combination of taste and texture – crunchy, buttery brioche with tender and sweet crab. Perfecto!

The Pelican Lobster Thermidor [Oven-baked lobster rice] ($88) – I expected a lobster gratin when I read “oven-baked lobster rice”. However, it turned out to be an oven-baked lobster, with lobster risotto. The lobster was really lean for its price, hence not much meat that I could savour. Not acceptable for a restaurant that is supposed to harvest the best of seafood supplies. The rice on the other hand was creamy and lobster-ish. Each grain was chewy and had absorbed the goodness of its broth.

Big Ol’ Bouillabaise [Prawns, mussels, scallops, fish] ($98) – The seafoods in this stew were huge, fresh and satisfying. Special points went to the extremely plump and fresh scallops, seared and cooked to the optimal doneness. The broth was good, but a little too similar to my favourite prawn mee soup from Beach Road. I guess that’s what you get for cooking the broth using prawn shells.

Side: Brocollini w Lemon Butter ($12) – The best blanched brocollini!

Pina Colada Chipwich [Coconut pineapple ice cream, lime biscuit] ($14) – Remember to have some desserts before you leave! This is possibly the best ice-cream-cookie-sandwich rendition I’ve had yet. Inspired by pina colada, the ice cream was refreshing, with notes of the tropical fruits. The lime biscuit totally sealed the deal as it was light and crispy. Not forgetting the coconut flakes that made every bite crunchier!

Banana Bread & Butter Pudding w Caramel Sauce ($16) – The caramelised bananas had that seductive coating of crispy burnt sugar, so it had my approval. Whilst the bread & butter pudding was authentic, it could get too heavy for a dessert portion.


Frankly, what I enjoyed most about The Pelican was its Pina Colada Chipwich that was simply unforgettable. The seafood dish were undoubtedly executed well but I’m just not too sure whether they warrant the price tags (which probably was trickled down from the rental of its prime location). I’ll probably stick to the cheaper and just as yummy bar food next time!


The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill
1 Fullerton Road
Tel: 6438 0400


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