Potato Head Folk @ Keong Saik Road

I’m really proud of this photograph which encapsulates what Potato Head Folk is all about. It occupies the entire 4 levels of this gentrified building built in 1939, offering different experiences at each level. The first floor serves as the kitchen, as well as al-fresco dining, the second being the main dining area (Three Buns Restaurant) while the upper levels include watering hole Studio 1939 and The Roof-top Bar.
Quirky prints on the bamboo blinds – can you make out what they are?
By looking at its logo and murals from the window, you may mistake it for a children’s playroom. In retrospect, it isn’t that far off being a playroom, since it’s very much like a wonderland for adults.
Vintage murals were everywhere!
Climb up further and you’ll reach the main dining room. This photo is definitely not representative of the degree of details put into the restaurant. And the details are left out by intention. I urge you to see the restaurant in person and be utterly amazed by a new realm of wonderland and a highly whimsical one. This is no child’s play.
Even this mug is so full of character. Too bad, I was here to have some quick snacks after lunch. Thus, I did not have the chance to try out their burgers – which gives me a great excuse to visit Potato Head Folk a second time!
Cracka Lacka Corn [Slow roasted & charred corn on the cob, paprika mayo, parmesan, lime & toasted brioche crumbs] ($8) – This reminded me of the ones I had at Lucha Loco! Though the corn cobs were not as sweet (they need to choose their corns properly), the seasonings hit home for me. They were strong, came in generous servings What’s more, the portion here is double of that for the same price at Lucha Loco. Yay!
Naughty Fries [Spiced bearnaise, hotbeef chili, crisp shallots, parmesan & sesame seeds] ($10) – This is one dish that I’ll keep coming back for. I’m not a big fan of fried food, including fries – largely because my guilty conscience starts haunting me after eating such unhealthy food. However, only for Naughty Fries, my guilty conscience approves. Admittedly, it’s less oily than most other fries and the potato strips are hand cut. The meat sauce, together with the parmesan, are the perfect marriage to the potatoes. The sauces didn’t make the fries mushy and soggy but created more texture to them. The handful of shallots came in handy in lifting the fragrance further. Again, not a fan of shallots (I also omit them in my banmians) but shallots and parmesan do go well together. A must-order here if you ask me. Also, forget those ketchup, you won’t be needing them.
Sherbie Hancock [Zingy sherbert lemonade w orange, lemon & grapefruit] ($7) – This was such a disappointment! It tasted so blah (bland, not zingy, not sour, not carbonated).

Potato Head Folk is your hipster-kinda place. Don’t expect your usual burgers and fries over here!

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road
Tel: 6327 1939
Closed on Mondays


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