Brunch: Salt Grill & Sky Bar by Luke Mangan@ ION Orchard, Level 55

The last time I visited Salt Grill was exactly a year ago for dinner, where I celebrated my birthday with the boy. A year on, they have refurbished the restaurant, featuring an added private dining area and a brand new bar, together with a new menu unveiled by 27-year-old Executive Chef Mathew Leighton. Chef Mathew is also the youngest Executive Chef of celebrity chef Luke Mangan’s culinary brigade.

Recently, Salt Grill has also launched their version of weekend brunch menu. At $40++ per person, you can to choose a main, two sides, with juice and coffee/tea. Like how Aussies do their brunches best, the portions here are huge and hearty! Not forgetting its amazing view from level 55, it’s now time to soak in some sunshine and allow yourself to be pampered.

New bar area on the platform.

Taken from the walkway to level 56.

This is the private dining area from level 56. Events and parties can be held at this exclusive area, with a 180 degree view of the city!

While waiting for the mains to arrive, we were served with some warm bread. It was soft and fluffy – basically the way a good bread should be. The spice mix was simply delish. It was fancy enough to make the bread tastier than it already was!

There are 4 mains in total as well as 8 sides. In this review, I’ll be covering all 12 items. Also, it’s useful to note that some of the sides are part of the mains, so do avoid ordering double portions of the same item!

The Full Aussie Breakfast: Eggs in any ways, Grilled Toast, Bacon, Spinach, Mixed Mushroom [Sides: Grilled Tomatoes & Wagyu Sausage] – I must first commend those perfectly round and smooth poached eggs! It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. A typical full breakfast, you can find all the essentials here – protein, carbs and fibre. Perfect for your man. Apart from the eggs, the items cooked to perfection include the spinach and mushrooms. Many times, I found my spinach to be overcooked and overly salty. However, at Salt Grill (sense a pun there?), the texture was faultless, with seasonings kept to the minimal, allowing the vegetable to truly deliver its nutrients. On the other hand, the mushrooms were thoroughly cooked through and seasoned with garlic and butter. I hate the lingering taste of rawness in mushrooms, so these ones here were very much to my liking. I’ve never been a huge fan of bacon (emphasizing this for the nth time on my blog), so those didn’t pique my interest. While I was looking forward to having the Wagyu sausage, I was disappointed that the Wagyu taste did not come out prominently, which is a pity since we don’t find Wagyu sausages everywhere.

French toast: Eggs in any ways, Bacon, Spinach, Mixed Mushroom [Sides: Roast Mushrooms w Garlic Butter & Rocket & Pear Salad, Blue Cheese, Caramelised Walnuts] – For this dish, we opted for scrambled eggs and I have to say that every ounce of it looked as perfect as the poached eggs! It was creamy, smooth and really light. The highlight of this dish was the french toast! As we usually have our french toast in desserts, this savoury version still hits home. The toast was nicely browned on the outside, with a balance of crispiness and softness within. It had a nice fragrant and eggy taste to it too. For sure, this is one of the best french toasts around. The rocket and pear salad served to be a refreshing combination, with crunchy textures across it.

Eggs Benedict: Salmon Gravlax, Poached Eggs, House Made Crumpets, Spinach, Hollandaise [Sides: Bacon & Baked Beans] – The verdict is out – this is my favourite main of the lot! Where should I begin? First, let me introduce the home made crumpets, which are griddle cakes and a cross between English muffins and pancakes. They are about the thickness of scones, a little spongey and crispy. They soak up the sauces real well, which will give them plenty of flavours despite its plainness. Next, the hollandaise was a dream. The consistency was just right and complemented the poached eggs flawlessly. Finally, saving the best for last is the salmon graviax. Cured with only salt, pepper and dill, this beats smoked salmon hands down. Served in thick slices, it was akin to eating chunky salmon sashimi, but a little more chewy. My only gripe on this plate was the baked beans that were too hard.

Buttermilk pancakes: Brulee Bananas, Maple Syrup Ice Cream [Sides: House Made Crumpets & Avocado] – What’s brunch without pancakes? I really liked these pancakes as they were not too sweet, especially since the rest of the elements had some sweet notes to them. The maple syrup ice cream is homemade, hence without the addition of stabilizers, so be quick to consume them! A huge fan of avocado, I’ll add this side to any of the mains! Coincidentally, the avocado’s buttery and creamy texture acquainted well with the pancakes! A healthier replacement of butter and cream! However, avoid pairing pancakes with crumpets due to their similarity!

Orange Juice – Great perk-me-up!

Latte – Pretty latte art there and it was a nicely-roasted cuppa (wonder what beans they use). You can choose from a selection of teas and your preferred choice of brew too!

One more shot of this decadent brunch!

As you can tell, it’s really great value and high quality ingredients you’re getting at Salt Grill! If it’s a table for 2, I’d say go for an egg dish and the pancakes so that you can have both savoury and sweets. It’s also possible to share 2 sets between 3 people. Brunch at Salt Grill has brought back the fond memories of Australia and I’m glad that this culture of having brunch is becoming very well-received in Singapore. Since this menu is available on both weekends and Public Holiday, you can check them out tomorrow! Enjoy your day off guys! 😀

Many thanks to Ivy for hosting this session!

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Levels 55 and 56, ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Tel: 6592 5118
Brunch: 11am – 2pm (Weekends & PH)


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