Breeze Restaurant @ Lebua Hotel, Bangkok

Lebua is an impressive Five-Star hotel with various dining options at the top of the building. Asian cuisine at Breeze was the choice for dinner. We were seated at the lounge area before being invited to take the ‘purple walkway to heaven’.

A stunning view that greeted us from the purple walkway. It was definitely a moment of empowerment.

Viewpoint from level 66 and the third tallest building in Bangkok!

More al-fresco seating. I have to warn you though – despite Bangkok’s heat, it got really cold and windy during our dinner. We were clad in shawls provided by the hotel and still felt the chill in our bones before we decided to move indoors. Make sure you check out the temperatures before committing your reservation! We had a 5-course meal at 5,500THB++ per person or about S$216++ per person. No doubt, this meal was extremely costly, considering it’s Bangkok but it was one that was memorable on so many levels. Winter temperatures in Bangkok aside, the restaurant manager is a Singaporean who used to head a Chinese restaurant at a five-star hotel in Singapore, which we often patronised. She came over with a Singaporean chef, who’s leading the kitchen at Breeze. Seeing  a familiar face definitely warmed us up.

Starters orange-soaked radish and pickled plum. The colourful tray of sauces included my favourite spring onion-ginger!

Black Truffle Roasted Moulard Duck w Foie Gras Jus – This tasted like a guo-tie (pan fried dumpling) which was upgraded to suit the likes of fine-dining.
Pan-seared Atlantic Scallop w Honey-pepper Sauce – The scallop (being Atlantic) was plump and juicy. It is rare for the chef to pair a strongly-flavoured sauce to this delicate shellfish. Despite overpowering the sweetness of scallop slightly, the sauce in fact enhanced the entire experience of eating it. Just imagine putting the whole scallop into your mouth, where you’ll first taste the sweet and pepper-ish sauce while you chew into the scallop. When the first wave of sauce dissipates, this is also when the interior of the scallop has been bitten into and you’ll be back at the familiar territory of the taste of scallop. It really helped that the scallop was thick too.
Sweet & Sour Andaman Tiger Prawn & Beancurd Roll w Yellow Chives – The most unmemorable of the trio, this tasted like the usual seafood beancurd roll on dimsum menus.

Maine Lobster w Ossetra Caviar in Sweet Potatoes Broth – The broth was more peppery than sweet. This was a miss in my opinion but the lobster chunks were perfectly cooked!

Poached Snow Fish w Tangy Yuzu-shallots Sauce & Chili Pepper Fish Crisps – I’m not too sure what snow fish is but it tasted and looked like cod fish while the texture was akin to tuna belly. It literally melted in my mouth. It was even good on its own, without any need of the sauce. The pomelo bits went surprisingly well with the fish, bursting its sweet juices onto the fish. The fried fish skins were crunchy and fragrant! Easily my favourite dish of the night.

Jasmine Tea Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs w Sugar Cane Jus & Mildly Spiced Organic Black Rice – Let’s talk about the rice first. Each grain was distinct, unlike Japanese rice where all the grains are stuck together. Much more chewy than white rice, or even brown rice, it was like chewing through an outer casing before being granted access to the rice within. I really like the texture though. For some references, I prefer meehoonkueh than youmian and I love my ramen texture hard. Similar to the scallop, the Wagyu was prepared with heavy seasoning.

Michel Cluizel Kaymabe 72% Chocolate Crisps, Crumble & Cream, Ginger, Passionfruit – By this dish, I was frozen and could hardly remember anything about it. What I do remember was the conglomeration of unique tastes – of sourish, gingery and chocolatey. The foam was where the ginger scent was deposited – extremely clever. At the top of the foam was a financier-like chocolate pastry. and the chocolate-bicuit shards were light as meringue. A well-composed finale.


Food-wise, I wouldn’t say it’s a must-try as I believe I can get this quality in Singapore too. However, the dining experience as a whole was exceptional and luxurious, and truly breezy.


Breeze Restaurant
Lebua at State Tower
1055/111, Silom Road, Bangrak
Bangkok 10500, Thailand


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