Dutch Colony Coffee Co. @ Frankel Avenue

I was really stoked to find out that Dutch Colony has opened a second outlet in the East! It’s only 10 minutes drive from my place to have a quality-guaranteed brew. Within its first week of opening, I was here for tea. Photos of the café was taken during my second visit at 8am (testimony of my dedication), which explains the picture-perfect frames, sans throngs of people. The decor was a dream – I especially loved the contrast of rectangular porcelain green tiles and grey-black hexagonal tiles.

You can find pastries and cakes from Kreme Couture Bakery!

What Dutch Colony is best known for – roasted coffee beans and the different instruments you can bring home to make your perfect brew.

A sheltered air-well towards the back of the café.

During my first visit, the café was so full that I had no choice but to sit in front of the brewing corner, but it turned out to be a valuable lesson on coffee-brewing! According to the friendly barista, this is the latest coffee machine, and the first in Singapore, named Steampunk. Its unique selling point is that it uses vacuum. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a very good student as my memory had failed me… I couldn’t remember the entire brewing process this machine is capable of. But long story short, I was sold. I was amazed at how coffee-brewing has become such an art – the different technologies, origin of beans and variety of tastes depending on how long the beans are brewed for. Also, he was really kind to offer me and my mum little cups of this Steampunk coffee to taste. 🙂

Thai Milk Tea Cake ($5) – Served warm, this was heavenly. Though it’s on the sweeter side, the taste of Thai Milk Tea was apparent and the melted icing provided an unique texture to the cake. Imagine cake with gravy. In a good way, of course.

Iced Mocha ($6)
Latte ($4.50)
I doubt I need to describe the coffees!

Croque Monsieur ($10) – On my second visit – the one at 8am – I tried their brunch dishes. I must say that they’re big on bread as their menu consists of sandwiches, toasts, and more bread. Not a fan of bread? Visit for tea instead. To me, the prices of the sandwiches are reasonable and the portions are huge. So, they’re definitely value-for-money. The (untraditional) Croque Monsieur was pretty tasty – ham slices were thin cheese were semi-solid. The menu stated an eggy brioche and I was half-expecting my brioche to be covered with egg wash but it turned out to be just plain bread. The tomato was plump and juicy – brownie points for that!

The Wentelteefies [Dutch inspired french toast brioche w turkey bacon, caramelized banana, ricotta & maple syrup] ($9) – Almost every table ordered this. I liked everything, except the bread. Not sure whether the Dutch does it this way, but I found the bread to be too dry. It did not absorb an adequate amount of egg wash, resulting in the centre being bland and doughy. It’s a pity though, as the rest of the sides were great – especially the bacon. If you’ve been following me, I’m not a fan of bacon at all. However, this had a healthy amount of fat and it tasted very much like bakkwa! Yummy!

Matcha Bundt Cake ($7.50) – Another mouth-watering cake by Kreme Couture Bakery!


Ethiopia Kochere, Steampunk ($9) – Of course a cup of Steampunk was in order during my second visit! The friendly barista wasn’t on duty though. Ethiopia beans are fruitier and more acidic. I’m really starting to appreciate artisanal brews!

The Easties are morning risers. By 9am, half the café was full with young families. If you want to enjoy the serenity of the café and take in all the beautiful details like I did, be here at their opening hour. I assure you that your weekend morning will be a beautiful one.


Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
113 Frankel Avenue
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Dutch.Colony.Coffee



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  1. annie says:

    om nom nommmm. love how you took the photos!

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