Bedrock Bar & Grill @ Pan Pacific Suites

Bedrock Bar & Grill is well-acclaimed for its delicious steaks and honestly, I’ve been pretty daunted by the prices! However, after this experience, I’m set to head back for more meat. From the front of the house, the restaurant looks tiny. The walkway leading to the back was narrow and dim, leading to a larger space you see in the photo above. It’s a great place to bring your date to, provided he/she loves meat, as the whole atmosphere was thriving with energy. At the same time, the warm, mahogany tones provided a romantic edge.

Long counter with a built-in oven – this lady chef makes the best naan!

This is the naan that I’ve been raving about. It’s simply amazing! Served fresh out of oven, it is soft and warm, accompanied by baked whole garlic (for each person) and butter. In case you’re wondering, there’s no pungent garlic smell at all. Each clove spreads onto the naan like butter (yep, that soft) and all I could think of was the health benefits I was reaping from eating so much garlic! The naan was so addictive that I shamelessly requested for an extra portion. This is also my first time having naans in a western restaurant. Interesting!

Twice Cooked Beef Back Ribs [Full Slab 31oz, 900g] ($98) – If you want me draw a comparison to their steak, this of course, pales in comparison. On its own though, I was impressed by how soft the meat was. It was a breeze sliding the meat off the bones. In fact, I would have thought that it was pork ribs that I was eating… if I wasn’t the one ordering. The generous amount of BBQ sauce complemented the meat – I can’t imagine have it any other way. With a full slab of beef ribs, you can easily share this between 2-3 people and try out some sides. Otherwise, half slab would be a good portion for one.

U.S.D.A. Prime Ribeye [14oz, 400g] ($96) – Served on a hot skillet pan, I practically drooled at such a handsome sight. I mean just by the looks of it, you know you’re in for some immense gratification. Truly, the steak lived up to my expectations. This was one of the best cuts I’ve had, after Wagyu of course, but a strong contender nonetheless. This is umami. The mustard was genius too. If you’ve noticed, the steak is rather thin, which meant that your contribution to chewing would be significantly reduced. Also, you’re guaranteed to savour each chew, and no matter how hard you try to slow down, you’ll be gobbling it down bite after bite. And there goes your $96. But, the feeling after is priceless.

Side: Truffle Mash Potatoes ($15) – Don’t forget to try the wonderful sides! First up, we have truffle mash. Needless to say, the mash potatoes was smooth as silk and slid down the throat like fluid. The truffle was subtle – a perfect amount that doesn’t overwhelm, nor underwhelm.

Side: Bedrock Mac n’ Cheese ($18) – Of course, Mac n’ Cheese is my must-order no matter where I go! The mixture was baked on a large surface area, which meant that each mac would have 2 different textures – its top slightly hard and toasted while its bottom remained moist and cheesy.

Dessert of the Day: Pecan Tart ($14) – My first pecan tart and definitely not my last! I don’t think pecan is commonly used in desserts here, so this was pretty unique. Though I can’t promise you that this will be available during your visit, but just in case, this is a must-try. Served warm, the tart has a crumbly base with a financier texture between and crunchy pecans on top. The scoop of vanilla ice cream just completes this whole dream experience.

Domain Chandon, Pinoit Noir, Australia ($17) – An extensive list of wine is available to go with your meat.


I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Bedrock Bar & Grill. It’s my go-to choice if I’m in the mood for premium steaks. Or rather, if my wallet allows me to, since anytime is steak-time, right?


Bedrock Bar & Grill
#01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard
96 Somerset Road
Tel: 6238 0054


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