Anti:Dote High Tea @ Fairmont Hotel

I was killing time on a Sunday afternoon with a friend when we walked into Anti:Dote – a place known to have your after-work drinks at. Surprisingly, the restaurant started to get crowded by 3pm. Later, I saw boxes of pretty snacks being prepared and served to other tables. I knew I had to return. Anti:Dote’s exquisite High Tea sets come with 2 options: The Oriental TeaThe Anti:Dote Tea. Each set for 1 pax is priced at $38++. Basically, the difference in the 2 high tea sets is minimal. The Oriental Tea comes with a dimsum trio while The Anti:Dote Tea comes with a truffled egg. The rest of the sandwiches and desserts are identical.

The impressive bar area with warm tones exuding from the crystal chandelier.

Taking diners’ privacy into consideration, tables are sparsely placed. I really liked how the whole restaurant looks updated and contemporary. The wooden ceiling reminds me of beach resorts overseas!

The Oriental Tea: Shrimp Har Gau, Chive Dumpling, Scallop Siew Mai – The trio came in a mini bamboo basket and I remember squealing over how cute and perfect they looked. Of course, they were tasty too!

The Anti:Dote Tea: The Anti:Dote Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs – This dish however stole the limelight of the above soon after. Housed in a porcelain egg, the real one is gloriously sitting within, with a slice of priced truffle sitting atop. The egg within was creamy and scrambled, with a top layer of poached egg white (or of sorts). It was orgasmic and reminded me of what I had in Russia. The toast soldiers were tasty on their own – lightly crisp on the outside yet still soft within, with a strong buttery taste. Dip them into the egg and this is the best breakfast one could have everyday.

Once you’re done with the starters, this enchanting box of desserts and sandwiches will be brought to your table and placed on a dedicated, shell-top side table. *whips out cameras*

Petit Desserts
Anti:dote Rum Baba
 – The rum is contained within the small pipette so make sure you empty it before digging in. I know how rum babas are usually overloaded with sugar… so was this. 
Handmade Truffles
 – Between the choice of milk and dark, of course I’d go for the dark.
Karukera Chocolate Mirror Tart – One of my top picks, the tart was really fragrant and the fillings of dark chocolate ganache was bitter and smooth. It was a pleasant surprise to find a small amount of caramel in the centre. The round disc seated on the ganache was a little sourish, giving a nice contrast in taste. An indulgent one.
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries – The tuxedo-dressed strawberry was especially cute! The strawberries were really sweet and juicy. They came with a strawberry white chocolate disc too. Delish!
Strawberry Gateau, Raspberry, Lychee Pearl – So tiny, it felt like nothing in the mouth, save for the sweetness and some taste of lychee.
Apple Delight, Almond Crumble – This was an unusual and enjoyable one. The tart looked very much like a bone marrow, so there was some dissonance in my brain when I tasted something buttery and crumbly.
Earl-Grey Eclair – The least sugar-coated of all, it was soft and creamy! Nice!
Lime Macarons – Way to sweet. But they do look perfect.

Open the first drawer and wow, absolutely stunning colours! Pretty fancy eh?

Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, Caviar – Loved the bagel underneath. Bagel and cream is always the best way to go!
Boston Lobster Roll, Herb Mayonnaise – Despite the tiny bits of lobster, it was still enjoyable.
Cucumber & Dill Salad, Cream Cheese – The flat bread was so soft, it was a breeze getting through this refreshing one.
Prosciutto, Onion Jam, Aged Cheddar – Some high-quality prosecution going on here!
Coronation Curried Chicken – This was a unimaginable flavour that turned out to be the best of all!
Basically, I pretty much loved all the sandwiches!

Lemon, Basil Pound Cake – Even the pound cakes were flawless-looking and topped with gold flakes. Thankfully, this wasn’t too sweet or it’ll be time to get high on sugar.

L-R: Homemade Strawberry Jam, Lemon Curd, Devonshire Clotted Cream

Warm Raisin & Candied Ginger Scones – No high tea is complete without scones and these had a beautiful glaze on them! Fresh out of oven, they were really yummy. The choices of sauces were delightful. Having scones with lemon curd was a first and the sourness does help to whet your appetite further.

Cookies to bring home!

It’s safe to say that you’ll not be able to have your dinner after this. With the amount of food that you’re being fed with, I’d say that tea here is value-for-money and I really love the thoughts and efforts put into creating each and every item on the menu. After a quick count, there are 18 items in total for each set. Kudos to the chefs at Anti:Dote!


Fairmont Hotel
80 Bras Basah Road
Afternoon Tea: Daily, 3-5pm


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