Buffet: Sala Rim Naam @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bangkok

A boat ride? Yep, you’re treated to a short boat ride before your royal meal commences! As the Sala Rim Naam is situated across the river from the main hotel vicinity, don’t be surprised when the staff start directing you towards the port! The only Thai restaurant in Mandarin Oriental serves a royal spread of Thai lunch buffet at about S$45 per person and it was the best Thai buffet I’ve ever eaten in my life. Do read on for more!

A modern boat that embodies elements of the Thai culture ensures that your ride will be a 5-Star one too!

Within 5 minutes, we’ve reached the restaurant! The signature Thai roof-top design is so beautiful here.

I was literally in awe when I stepped into the restaurant. I mean, just WOW. So elaborately and lavishly decorated, I knew I was in for a royal treatment, stepping into a palace of my own. All the mahogany and gold tones made the entire restaurant warm and welcoming.

On the right hand side was a raised platform, and diners will have to sit on the floor.

A shot across the restaurant – it’s a rectangular space with high ceilings and no detail was spared, not even a single corner.

Thai instruments – performances held at night.

From where I was seated at.

Look at those intricate carvings and embroidered wallpaper! Some inspiration for my future house?

We started off with some appetisers – fresh Thai spring roll thoughtfully cut into bite-sized pieces.

These dumplings were beyond cute and really yummy!

Satays that made ours back in Singapore pale in comparison. They had a nice burnt-charcoal fragrance to it and the exterior was nicely caramelised.

Various spicy Thai salads were on the line too. This was spicy squid salad – fresh and springy with lots of kick!

My first round of appetisers including different types of fish cakes and fritters not shown above. All the items were bite-sized and delicately created. The variety was rather mind-bloggling too.

What’s Thai food without Tom Yam Soup right? These were made to order with the freshest seafood!

I loved how no coconut milk was added and the soup was delicious and certainly not for the faint-hearted. The initial taste was mild, but wait till the aftertaste when the spiciness really kicks in.

For the ones who can’t take spicy food, here’s the pork soup.

On to the mains!

There are 2 dishes in each serving pot.

Again, you’ll be spoilt for choice and the best solution would be to try every dish! From curry prawns to pandan chicken, they were all very well done.

Now, to the most exciting segment of the meal.

Feast to your heart’s content on Thai desserts like tapioca cakes and coconut jellies!

I’m sure you guys will be very familiar with this Thai snack and these were made on the spot. These are my favourite Thai desserts and I ate at least a dozen of them…

More desserts made on-the-spot!

Wishing that these could be found in Singapore!

Red ruby with jackfruit.

Nothing more authentic than a Thai coconut!

Tea or coffee are served at the end of the meal, with Thai sweets.
Many of us love how cheap the food is in Bangkok but I feel that this is one meal that should not be missed! Highly recommended by my sister, this is a go-to every time she is in Bangkok and I would say the same for myself now. The ambience is heavenly and the food is certainly of royal standards.

Sala Rim Naam
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bangkok
Oriental Ave Alley, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


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