Sunday Market @ Lim Tua Tow Road (Serangoon)

Strangely, the café name of Sunday Market urged me to pay them a visit on a Sunday instead of any day else! It’s nestled in a small lane called Lim Tua Tow… and I thought my friend was joking when she sent me the address (Lim Tua Tow means big head in Hokkien). A deceivingly long walk from Serangoon MRT Station, I urge you to take bus/taxi/drive here.

I must say that the decor was rather eclectic. Of course, we have wooden panels lining the counter and a bike mounted on the wall, higher than usual may I note. Yet it doesn’t feel like any other cafés – partly thanks to the huge shocking pink poster (as my heart agrees to anything pink).

I loved the ‘green corner’ too, where used bottles were put into wire baskets as decor, in addition to some hanging plants and birdy.

The selection of ice cream at Sunday Market was pretty amazing – Thai Milk Tea ,Kyoho Grape, Philadephia Cheese, Melon Gelato and so on! Though they don’t rotate their flavours, the choices are rather extraordinary.

More seating space at the back of the café.

The brunch menu is rather extensive and it is notable that their prices are extremely reasonable (most mains are below $15)! Similar to their creative ice cream selections, their mains certainly didn’t pale in comparison! Though I was here only for desserts, I wished I skipped lunch.

Honey & Fig Ice Cream w Waffles & Butterscotch Sauce ($6) – I couldn’t believe it. Freshly-made waffle with ice cream and topping at only $6? And, you could choose any flavour of ice cream you fancy, with 5 sauces to select from. Incredible. A typical waffle like this would have cost you 2 times more elsewhere. Though I would not rave about the waffle (it turned out a little dry and too crispy), it was no doubt value-for-money. That said, I really liked the ice cream. It was creamy, smooth and flavourful!

Bangkok Toast [Cinnamon thick sweet brioche toast w matcha green tea custard, served w Thai milk tea ice cream] ($10.90) – When the toast arrived at our table, we were amused at how it looked. Unlike how bread slices usually are, our Bangkok toast came in a thick, rectangular box. Looking at the cross-section of it, it was rather dense. The texture was similar to that of bread-and-butter pudding – creamy, soft and tightly-packed. It was nice eating it with the berries that injected some tartness to it. I found the matcha custard too sweet though. The Thai milk tea ice cream melted really quickly, probably due to the steamed milk foam on top.

I’d really love to try the remaining desserts, as well as mains at Sunday Market! It is especially great if you’re on a budget.


Sunday Market
22 Lim Tua Tow Road


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