Fat Cow Japanese Restaurant @ Camden Medical Centre

Fat Cow has been known for its premium and expensive beef, especially Wagyu. Housed in the most unlikely place – the ground floor of a medical centre where all the private specialists are located at – the restaurant seems to have the whole building and area to itself during the night. Also, there is a strong antiseptic smell when walking to the restaurant, identical to that of a hospital’s corridor. Thankfully, the smell lingers no more upon entry.

Bar area that is so mesmerizing with its wooden cubic formations.

We were brought into the dining area where counter seats surrounded the chef’s kitchen. Well, not exactly the kitchen, but you can view them grilling your meat. Again, the decor was really impressive. It felt like you’re being disconnected from the outside world in this intimate setting.

Yuzu Umeshu ($11) – I started off with some zesty liqueur that was sweet, with a tinge of tartness. It was served on the rock with a flask of carbonated water. My first time trying umeshu and I really loved it!

Kinoko [Assortment of japanese mushrooms braised with sake, lime and butter] ($14) – This must be the best mushroom dish ever! Even though it was meant for sharing, I probably wiped out most of it. The textures to this mushroom variation were perfect – a little spongey yet slimy in the mouth for shiitake and crunchy for golden mushroom. The sake enhanced the sweetness of the mushrooms and the hint of lime amplifies your crave for the next spoonful further.

Donabemeshi [Wagyu beef grilled over charcoal and finished in a claypot of baked rice with onsen egg & house-seasoned shoyu] ($68) – This dish is praise-worthy on so many levels, except the price. I didn’t know beforehand that the famed wagyu donburi was served for lunch only. As this sounded as close to the dish that I was looking for, I ordered it. Not one portion, but two. By the way, for 10 bucks more, I could have gotten a whole steak. The claypot was extremely shallow and small, meaning the amount of rice was minute. Same goes for the amount of tiny wagyu cubes. The saddest part must be that I actually fancied the dish (minus the price, may I emphasize again). The onsen egg was also the best I’ve had thus far.

I would strongly recommend going to Fat Cow for lunch as their bento sets are much more worth it; a knowledge I gained after paying a high price. *cues sad music* That said, if your budget can be stretched, the steaks would definitely be worth a try!


Fat Cow
#01-01, Camden Medical Centre
1 Orchard Boulevard
Tel: 6735 0308
*Closed on Sundays


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