Mr. Jones’ Orphanage @ Siam Centre, Bangkok

I’ve heard a lot about Mr Jones’ Orphanage and seen photos of its glorious dessert display. It is safe to say that this orphanage is the ultimate haven for my sweet tooth, I mean my teeth ache by just looking at their photos! Hedonistically decorated, this would have been the last place I would have associated to an orphanage. Bears and wooden trains engulfed the entire café – a definite throw-back to childhood days! These oversized train and tracks would have been a dream come true back then. The choice of cakes and pastries was simply mind-boggling. Housed in pretty glass domes, each cake was painstakingly baked and decorated. If I could, I would have tried every single one of them! One of the pioneer Kit-Kat & M&Ms cakes! ‘Rusty’ cups to stick to the theme of an orphanage. Red Velvet Cupcake – It was a pretty sight and I loved how it was topped with more cupcake crumbs! Thankfully, it wasn’t as sweet as it looked and the texture of the cupcake was really enjoyable. Choky Mud Pie (135baht/S$5.30) – Excuse me, $5.30 for a lava cake with ice cream? Only in Thailand. This is a must-order for sure! It came warm and the core was wonderfully runny with bitter, dark chocolate. Oh, so sinful! Strawberry Sponge Cake (100baht/S$3.90) – Soft and light, I really liked the strawberry sponge as well. The sponge layers especially, had a nice eggy taste to it, very well complemented by the intimidating layer of cream. The sweetness of strawberries balanced off the cake well as a whole. Thumbs up! I’d strongly recommend Mr Jones’ Orphanage as the prices were extremely reasonable and the value in taste exceeds what you’re paying for. Also, since it’s centrally located, you won’t have to explore to far out from city centre! You can also hop by after a lunch at Greyhound Café. 🙂   Mr Jones’ Orphanage 2nd Level, Siam Center Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Pathumwan 10330


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  1. kw says:

    Correction: the title should read Mr Jones in Siam Center!

    1. foodiepink says:

      Right! Thanks for spotting that! 😀

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