Kinki Japanese Restaurant @ Customs House

Kinki is well-known for its rooftop bar facing the million-dollar MBS, but little do people know about the stellar Japanese food served at their restaurant. Once I stepped into Kinki, I knew that there was something different about it. While keeping many elements that are associated with Japan in its decor – sushi counters, Sakura prints etc. – an avant-garde vibe was successfully exuded. And boy, do I love it so.

Time to let your hair down!

A creative menu featuring sketches of Sumo wrestlers and the KINKI story.

Salmon Sashimi ($18) – Thick slices of fresh salmon with freshly-grated wasabi. Definitely had my stamp of approval.

Pomegranate Miso Black Cod ($32) – This reminded me of NOBU’s famous black cod and at a fraction of its price! The use of pomegranate was interesting, though I could not tell the addition of it. That said, the flavours were robust. The tender meat was laced with sweetness of miso and presumably the fruit. It was perfect.

Beef Teriyaki [Grilled US Prime Ribeye, homemade soy reduction] ($32) – There was an umami taste to the beef. It was tender yet chewy, a wonderful texture that you’ll be addicted to. While it’s simply drenched with teriyaki sauce, it was a comfort food. The pungent fried garlic slices definitely added bonus points.

Scallop & Sea Urchin [Baked w citrus butter, scallion] ($22) – This combination of my two favourite shellfish – simply orgasmic. The scallop provided a springy texture while the sea urchin melts in the mouth with creaminess. A very light dish and so pleasing to the palate.

Grilled Giant Sea Prawn [Spicy cod roe, Japanese aioli] ($28) – Unlike your usual Sushi Tei rendition, this entire prawn was literally covered with roe from head to tail (if you look at the photo carefully, you can tell of the tiny spheres swarming the prawn). Satisfaction, checked. Heart-attack-inducing cholesterol, checked.

Being contemporary may not be a bad thing after all; it’s the marrying of both tradition and foresight that brings about the best of its time.


Kinki Japanese Restaurant
#02-02, 70 Collyer Quay
Tel: 6533 3471


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