il Cielo @ Hilton Hotel, Singapore

I haven’t gone back to Hilton Hotel for the longest time ever, constantly gearing towards new hotspots and neglecting the old. That is, until il Cielo caught my attention with its beautiful pool view from Level 24 of Hilton Hotel. Though the decor is rather dated, the ambience was cosy and romantic. A perfect setting for a date I would say. Despite being partially al-fresco (with no partitions separating outdoors and indoors), it gets pretty breezy at night.

At il Cielo, you get to enjoy the Tuscan side of Italian cooking, helmed by Chef Ricardo Catarsi who has over 15 years of experience at Michelin restaurants.

Complimentary Bread

Complimentary Starter 

Three-way Scallops: Saffron Sauce & Caviar, Pancetta & Truffle, Foie Gras ($32) – A very memorable starter, the scallops were succulent and juicy. Lightly pan-fried on the surface, the scallops were just lightly cooked through and I could even taste the freshness of the sea product. Being paired with the most luxurious ingredients made the experience of savouring them an indulgent one. All three had different sauces and flavours, so either try portioning each of them or order one dish for each guest!

Cream of Forest & Porcini Mushrooms ($19) – Despite being a cream soup, it was rather lights and foamy in texture with a nice fragrance of mushrooms. My mum, who doesn’t really have a penchant for cream soups, loved it. So it must be something!

Palate Cleaner: Blood Orange & Grapefruit Sobert – Can I have this for desserts too?

Braised Cod Fish Fillet Mediterranean Style ($48) – With the tomato paste made from scratch, the tanginess and sweetness of fresh tomatoes were evident. Lots of healthy root vegetables were thrown into this stew-like dish, absorbing the goodness of the gravy. Same goes for the cod fish! An appetite-wheting dish I would say.

Fresh Lobster Linguine for Two Persons ($68) – This is just 1 portion of 2. Each plate of linguine gets half a lobster! Again, rich in tomato, the sauce had the addition of diced vegetables that added the extra texture. The linguine was perfectly al-dente. Really simple, yet wholesome.

Tiramisu ‘Il Cielo’ Style: Three Textures, Three Temperatures ($18) – Overall, the desserts was mediocre but what caught my attention was the second item from the left. Surprisingly, the tiramisu in the cup was warm! It had a very strong taste of espresso. I guess that was the only outstanding factor.

il Cielo would be a good choice to spend a special occasion at with strong Italian dishes. Prices are definitely not cheap but the quality of ingredients does offer a form of justification.


il Cielo
Level 24, Hilton Hotel Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Tel: 6730 3395


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  1. Moritz says:

    This really looks amazing. I’d love to have this dessert right now!

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