Greyhound Café @ Siam Paragon, Bangkok

I’ve heard lots of great things about Greyhound, from their stylish clothes collections to their wonderful café. In fact, this was my very first stop when I touched down at Bangkok.

The decor was eclectic, with thin pieces of cloth dangling from the ceiling, forming a budget art installation in the middle of the café.

Our cosy corner!

We were first served with bread – something that I had least expected considering it’s not a fine-dining restaurant. To further my surprise, the bread was ridiculously delicious. The bun felt lighter than your usual bread and it was nicely warmed. As I tore the bun apart, it was soft and fluffy within, with lots of air pockets. Best bun ever!

Pomelo Salad (160 baht/ S$6.30) – The pomelo was plump, juicy and sweet. The salad was topped with roasted coconut bits and crispy fish that created a nice contrast in texture. Extremely refreshing and a great starter that whets your appetite.

Crispy Sweet Corn w Crab Meat (220 baht/ S$8.60) – These tasted as good as all fried food do. I appreciate the thick batter within its crunchy exterior and the sweet sweet corn were just the icing to the cake. Pair it with the Thai sweet and sour sauce and happy munching!

Thai Kurobuta Pork w Spicy Thai Hot Sauce & Sticky Rice (250 baht/ S$9.80) – So tender and well-marinated, it was a dish that the chef should be proud of. Lightly seared, the pork did not lose its juiciness to heat. Accompanying the meat was a winning Thai hot sauce; spicy and complex in flavours, it was a perfect marriage.

Italian Style Clam & Mussel Soup (220 baht/ S$8.60) – The seafood was fresh but the broth was slightly too salty for me to be a ‘soup’ for me. It’s fine when you go with the toast though.

Spaghetti w Crab Meat in Prawn Cream Sauce (250 baht/ S$9.80) – You’ll be surprised how yummy pastas could be, even outside Italy. The sauce was not too creamy but had a subtle taste of prawns to it. I wouldn’t say that the amount of crabmeat was generous but the sauce was gratifying enough.

Vegetarian Phad Thai (130 baht/ S$5.90) – Probably not the best phad thai you can get in Bangkok, it was pretty decent at least.

LEFT: Pink Cooler [Watermelon, orange, pineapple] (120 baht/ S$4.70) – A rejuvenating drink, much needed in the hot weather.
RIGHT: Thai Tea Granita (100 baht/ S$3.90) – Good stuff too!

I would strongly recommend Greyhound as the menu offers a large array of food from various cuisines. Moreover, it’s friendly on the wallet too!


Greyhound Café @ Siam Paragon
1st Floor Siam Paragon
Nearest Station: Siam Station


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