Clifford Pier @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Welcome to my English summer house! Sigh, who am I kidding. After an overhaul of the lobby and restaurant area, Fullerton Bay Hotel has definitely hit home with me. Beautiful is an understatement of this tall, arc ceiling accompanied by grand chandeliers that remind me of old train stations. Its floor, so well-polished that the resulting reflection forms a complete circle from the ceiling. This charming restaurant that is none other than Clifford Pier. Waiting area fit for royalty. Check out the symmetry. Diners are in for a comfy meal here with plush chairs for all. Even the menu had been given much thoughts to. An orange burst of orchids that would make your day better. Keropok Heritage Bites [Mixed platter of kong bak bao, kueh pie tee & grilled satay] ($20) – Good to share between 2-3 people. Kueh Pie Tee – The highlight must be the chilli paste! The kueh pie tee was literally bite-sized; a mini version of the usual. Not a fan of quail eggs, so I thought they should exclude them and stuff more veggies in the cup! Kong Bak Bao – The meat was surprisingly tender and well-marinated. They were sliced to the perfect thickness and every bite has the perfect ratio of meat to bun. This is the only time I willingly tuck into pork fats. Grilled Satay – It came with a combination of beef and chicken satays, so if you don’t take beef, remember to request for chicken only! I love the satays here as they were so fresh, moist and springy! While they were not dried out from the grill, the slightly charred exterior left a nice note to it. Dig into the peanut sauce and you’ll be having one of the best satays. Two Generations of Rickshaw Noodles [Stewed yellow hokkien noodles in pork broth & traditional condiments, handmade dry noodles with simmered pork belly & soft boiled egg] ($18) – I’m drooling while I’m writing this. The dried banmian was GLOR-I-OUS. I’ve been dreaming about this for a long while and I’m so glad that it did not disappoint. Mix the egg and dark sauce into the noodles to form a gooey film on them and chewing on the banmian will be pure pleasure. The noodles had the right consistency and texture to it and the pork belly bits added a nice contrast to its chewy counterpart. What made this dish stand out from the other banmians you find in hawker centres is the addition of freshly fried silver fish – light and crispy ones. Its fragrance was striking. The soup noodles on the other hand wasn’t worth much of a mention. Char Kway Teow [Fried mixed noodle with chinese sausages, chives & egg with sweet chilli soy sauce] ($16) – You could probably do better at a hawker centre with this. The Pier Lobster Roll [Half butter-poached lobster on a toasted bun w light mayo, chives, French fries & salad] ($29) – Half a lobster may not sound substantial but trust me, it was more than sufficient to go through the bun with. The lobster meat was so good – fresh, succulent and fork-tender. The bun was soft and buttery. It sure was worth its price, especially with the extra tasty fries. Time for desserts! Soursop Sobert ($12) – Though it’s uncommon to come across soursop sobert, I’m not sure if I’ll pay $12 for this again. Teh Tarik Ice Cream w Honeycomb Crunch ($12) – Exotic and yummy was the ice cream, but I don’t understand why the honeycomb crunch tasted how it tasted. It was hard, extremely sweet and even stuck to my teeth big time. Pandan Ice Cream w Coconut Jelly ($12) – My favourite out of the lot. The pandan flavour was exquisite – a reinterpretation of our $1 ice cream sandwich from the ice cream trucks. Latte Chin Chow Moonwalker [Shredded grass jelly & fresh soy milk drink] ($8) – Get your Michael Jackson at the usual stall, I say. Fresh Coconut ($8) No doubt, Clifford Pier has become my favourite place to hang out at for awesome comfort food! Though some dishes may be your usual hawker fare, the ambience beats them all. Highly recommended by Foodiepink! 🙂   Clifford Pier Fullerton Bay Hotel 80 Collyer Quay Tel: 6597 5266


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