Farm to Table Café @ The Duxton Hotel

It was a sweltering-hot Sunday afternoon when my friends and I were walking along Duxton, without anywhere to go since Department of Caffeine was full. As we passed the Duxton Hotel and in between guessing if this was a restaurant or café, we headed in for some shelter. The café-restaurant was surprisingly spacious and had a cheery mood despite being rather empty.

Huge counter with full-length chalkboards across the walls. Looks like I was here at the wrong time – their brekkie and all-day menu looked real good! With a commitment to home-cooked original recipes, fresh ingredients are carefully sourced with no additives or preservatives.

Look at how far the tables are spaced – privacy has become such a luxury with all the tiny, cramped cafés now. With its floor-to-ceiling glass window wall, natural light floods the café. Another bicycle on the wall – what more can I say.

The opposite side of the café!

Custom-made posters of their address.

A long table from where I seated at – great for gatherings!

Cake of the Day [Banana Cake w Caramel Sauce] ($5 nett) – You know how dry and sweet banana cakes can be? Some even have an oily taste to it. Well, I’m glad that Farm To Table’s version was none of those. It had a nice banana fragrant to it while the texture of the cake was rather light. The caramel sauce was not overly sweet, complementing the cake perfectly. It had our stamp of approval.

Farm Style Waffles [Handpicked red berries, maple cream and organic strawberry ice cream] ($14 nett) – I was rather skeptical of the waffles at the sight of it. And unfortunately, I was right. The batter lacked the buttery fragrance and the texture was a little off. Also, I did not understand why it was showered with sugar icing. Aren’t waffles sweet enough itself? That said, the organic ice cream was amazing. The texture was creamy and smooth, without being too heavy. It’s one of those ice cream which you can keep eating on and on, without feeling guilty about over-indulging. I say order the ice cream on its own!

San Pellegrino

If you’re looking for a quiet space, away from the weekend crows, Farm To Table Café is certainly for you. Moreover, the prices are really agreeable to the wallet!


Farm To Table Café
The Duxton Hotel
81 Duxton Road


2 Comments Add yours

  1. globetrottermomma says:

    That cake looks amazing!

  2. Food Esteem says:

    Looks like the banana cake would be my must order list 🙂 Cafe looks rather welcoming with its bright and spacious interior during the day!

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