Creatory | An 8@Ate Production

This post would be inconsequential since this event is happening for just this weekend. In any case, my intention in writing this post was just to share some photos from today and celebrate our home-grown brands and their thriving creativity. If you haven’t yet heard, Creatory is the largest ‘weekend market’ of the year that gathers the cream of the crop of local brands – from merchandises to cafés. What’s cooler is that Creatory was held in the abandoned Phoon Huat building and it was definitely a great party!

7 levels of hipster-fun!

A nifty tag used for payment.

Walls of the industrial lifts had descriptions of various workshops and shops found at the respective levels. So much effort and time put into this!

Glorious Japanese charsiew from Bazuka!

Japanese rice with charsiew, fried pork skin and onsen egg. It was so good! Can’t wait for them to re-open their restaurant!

Meringues from Kith Café.

Bought some dark choc sea-salt cookies from Kith! Love the contrast in flavours – extremely chocolatey with an edge of saltiness.

Two versions of Not-So-Thai ice cream from Artichoke! Coconut ice cream paired with fried chicken skin was a first, and one that I wouldn’t mind having again!

There were various galleries too!

Curry fish head in a painting.

Of course, how could we leave without having some caffeine kick?

Edible garden at the rooftop!

All in all, it was such a successful event! I wished they had this every week with different vendors. Can’t wait for the next of such events! 🙂

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