Staycation: Hotel Clover @ North Bridge Road

Hotel Clover is a small boutique hotel hidden amidst the long row of shophouses with most involved in the Indian Muslim food business. All the noise and chaos seemed to be muted out when I stepped into this empty lobby. As though going back in time, the neutral tones of furnitures spelt vintage. I have to say the lobby is really photogenic – more photos ahead!

I wished they would start playing vinyl from here!

Loved this!

The orchids were in full bloom.

Funny how the modern ad leaflets could blend so well with this vintage luggage.

The room was spacious, clean and cosy – no frills, no fuss.

Simple study desk.

The wall console had a mini table top which we could pull out from – innovative and functional!

The mini bar was fitted together with the open wardrobe.

Find more travel-inspired quotes on the walls!

I was surprised at how a large space was dedicated to the bathroom. The marble tilings was classy and all the features were new and modern.

Full set of toiletries placed neatly on the shelf!

Remember to head to the courtyard the next morning!

An outdoor porch on the first floor that is also an airwell. Equipped with fans and chair swings, you could chill your morning away here.

Hotel Clover is really cosy and worth spending a night away from home for. Indeed, simplicity in luxury.

Hotel Clover
769 North Bridge Road


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