The Tastemaker Store @ Havelock Road

The Tastemaker Store is unlike any other hipster cafés – in fact, it is just the opposite, with a focus on simple designs, white walls and organic wood. It is a refreshing break from the cold, industrial looks and the oh-not-again brick walls. Located at an old estate, alongside decades-old salons and provision shops, The Tastemaker Store provides a fresh breath of life to the neighbourhood.

To say that the café is Muji-inspired is certainly not wrong. It really feels like walking into the Muji store for a moment.

Cosiness in simplicity is key to making customers feel at home – over here, you won’t feel under-dressed nor over the top, because no one judges you.

Counter area has a stark white look to it.

As you can see, the food menu here is simple and rather Singaporean-style. Apart from those on the wall, there are heavier bites like Hei Bee Hiam Yam Cake and so on which sounded really yummy. Too bad, I was here for only a light snack!

Kaya Toast + Clotted Cream ($3) – The bread was extremely soft, surprisingly rather light and definitely not as doughy as it looks. Also, the kaya tasted very much like the traditional homemade pandan kaya – not straight out from the jar. The unique thing about this toast was the dollop of clotted cream, which replaced the usual butter. It had a stickier, denser and creamier texture than butter, which was pleasing to me.

Set of Lemon Curd Toast + Clotted Cream & Eggs ($5.80) – Using the same bun, this version is rather mind-blowing. Who would have thought of using lemon curd as a spread on bread when it usually goes into tarts! Such a brilliant idea. The combination of sweetness and tartness was perfectly topped off with the clotted cream, which sealed the deal. The half-boiled eggs were very well done too! This is

Hot Tea

The Tastemaker Store is the place to visit if you need some alone time or just a relaxing day out. I really think we need more of these cafés around!


The Tastemaker Store
#01-705, Blk 22 Havelock Road
Open Daily from 9am-9pm


2 Comments Add yours

  1. SG Food on Foot says:

    I like the place but unfortunately the coffee cannot make it. I went back for the yam cake and I like their own interpretation of the traditional kaya toast set.

    1. foodiepink says:

      Ohh! I didn’t get to try their coffee… hopefully they have improved, cos I really like the café 🙂

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