Lucha Loco @ Duxton Hill

I’ve been debating over whether I should reveal this amazing place that produces the best Mexican tacos I’ve had and making it more crowded than it already is. Then again, good things are meant to be shared. Located at the hipster Duxton area, Lucha Loco is a bustling sight in the evening with its dimly-lit filament lights and an outdoor space that replicates a back alley of Mexico (well, I reckon). Apologies that I only took a photo of the bar, since blending into the environment requires me to quit being a “foodie-paparazzi”. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Cute coaster with a Lucha Libre (Mexican masked wrestler) hanging mid-air.
Elotes [Mexican Street style grilled corn, chilli, cotija cheese] ($8) – At Lucha Loco, always start off your meal with the corn. I understand that it does not come cheap but it is orgasmically-good. So much so that I had 2 servings each time I come here. Lightly grilled, the corn kernels were full and juicy, with a slight smokey fragrance. What makes this corn an ultimate winner was its coating of seasonings. The cotija cheese and chilli powder create a mind-blowing combination that made the sweetest corn savoury and hot. I don’t think any corn cobs out there will worth a whole paragraph of praises.

Baja Fish Taco [Crispy beer battered red snapper, mango salsa, mint & cabbage] ($11) – Do not let the corn distract you from the main players at Lucha Loco. In my opinion, the fish taco ranks top of my list. The taco shell was warm and soft, nothing too starchy not flat. The fried fish had a perfect crispy batter to it, encasing the fresh and tender fish within. The mango pieces added a fruity flavour to a savoury dish while the cabbage added a familiar, healthy crunch to it. One will not be enough.

Taco de Carnita [Pork belly taco w jicama & cilantro mayo] ($10) – Though I’l very much prefer the fish taco to this, it’s good in its own rights. The pork pieces were wonderfully seasoned and tender. For the boys who love their meat, this will do!

Quesadilla de Cochinillo [Pork quesadilla w grilled pineapple, pico de gallo & cotija cheese] ($19) – The taco shell was much softer than the quesadilla’s. However, the melted cheese within was irresistible and the inconsistent tartness from the pineapples made this dish a joy. What’s more – my favourite cotija cheese made its appearance again!

Helado de Máiz [Salted caramel & corn ice cream w caramel popcorn] ($14) – This tasted uncanningly similar to the $1 corn ice cream biscuit from my favourite ice cream trucks. It was tasty but I suggest you to save this and get another round of tacos!

Mexican Moonwalk [Cimarron blanco tequila, homemade chipotle syrup, lime, negra modelo foam, pop rocks] ($18) – Got a little too adventurous that night and this drink was definitely out of my comfort zone with its strong liquor taste.

Lucha Margarita [Corralejo reposedo tequila, organic agave, lime] ($16) – A more familiar territory, this was more pleasant and sweet!

I love everything about Lucha Loco – the ambiance, the people and tacos; the energy. ❤

Lucha Loco
15 Duxton Hill
Tel: 6226 3938


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