Smoke House Charcoal BBQ Buffet @ Great World City

We see throngs of Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore but when it comes to Japanese BBQ, the choices are rather limited. Smoke House Charcoal BBQ is under the same management as Kuriya, thus it is unsurprising that it serves the best quality food. I was here for their Japanese Wagyu Beef BBQ Dinner Buffet and I was more than impressed to say the least! At $67.80 nett for ladies and $75 nett for men, it was extremely value-for-money. From various cuts of premium Wagyu beef to seafood, you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice!

The minimart cum main buffet (/self-service) area where you get your meats and seafood.

It is also compulsory to get a drink. Payment of dinner will be made before you are escorted to the table.

All the items are displayed neatly and hygienically.

Oh glorious meat!!! There were so many cuts of Wagyu, it was rather mind-boggling. As you can see the ala-carte prices of these meat are definitely not cheap, so eat your fill away at the buffet!

Vacuum-packed chunks of meat in the storage fridge.

Salad bar that comes free with the buffet.

Main seating area which reminded me of Korean BBQ eateries.

Stocked up on the fresh greens and kimchi items!

First round of meat. You’ll pick the cuts you want, the number of pieces to each cut and the staff will place them neatly on the plate. Surprisingly, there were no long queues waiting to be served at the meat counter, even though the restaurant was running almost full house!

Ready to hit the grill!

The meat was full of umami goodness and you just want to keep eating them non-stop. Some cuts literally melt in your mouth (though I could never remember which cuts are which). It was heaven. Just remember not to overcook the Wagyu pieces! Also, there were several condiments, sauces and pastes, (from garlic to chilli paste), which went amazingly with the meat. Very Singaporean-way I would say!

For the second round, we selected seafood and vegetables too. The salmon slices were thick, scallops were huge and squid slices were chunky. I loved how the food was individually packed to prevent contamination – the immaculate Japanese way.

Look at how huge these prawns were! They were extremely fresh too – springy and fragrant at each bite, it was a definite testament to their freshness.

Smoke House has topped my go-to list for BBQ – be it for meat or for seafood. If you’re not a fan of BBQ, they offer Shabu Shabu too. On a side note, aprons and fans are even provided – which goes to show how detailed they are in service. Thumbs up!


Smoke House Charcoal BBQ House
#01-37, Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Tel: 6235 2185


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