Charly T’s @ 112 Katong Mall

Charly T’s – a name that I would associate an American restaurant chain with. But no, Charly T’s is in fact a home-grown brand by Charly himself, no less. Nestled in the third level of 112 Katong, this is one restaurant that has a unique history of its own. Charly is a well-travelled man, one who wants to bring the flavours of the world to his restaurant. Hence, every single dish created has a meaningful significance tied to Charly’s travels. With their new Free­‐Flow Sliders & Beers Weekend Special launched, a trip was called for!

Simple but cosy interior!

A dedicated kid’s corner with storybooks and cartoons that will make sure the little ones consume their food.

Passing through double glass doors, it leads to a very spacious and airy balcony. Great for boys’ night out!

A prettily decked-out private room.

There, Charly T’s rotisserie‐style “Best Chicken in the City” in their full glory.

What the Weekend Special at Charly T’s entails is 3 delicious hours of Free-­flow Signature Sliders and Budweiser beers at $38+ every Saturday and Sunday between 12pm to 3pm.

Charly T’s Signature Sliders w Golden Fries [Juicy Beef and Schnitzel-­Style Chicken Sliders] (U.P $14 for 2 sliders) – Served fresh and hot, you should not have a problem getting past 5 sliders. I really liked the beef slider which had the perfect thick and juicy patty that should be a pre-requisite for all burgers.The breaded chicken slider on the other hand was crispy and fragrant. The mini buns were soft and fluffy, making these minis a delight. On top of that, the fries were chunky and well-seasoned with generous amounts of black pepper!

Budweiser (U.P $8.50) – This beer reminded me of my travels in Eastern Europe. Bring on the (free-flow) bottles!

Remember what I said about Charly T’s travels and his passion to bring food from all around the world to his restaurant? All these stories are documented in a mini flip-chart. It was inspiring, to say the least of this man.

Charly T’s Famous Rotisserie Chicken [Original Recipe, Half + 2 Additions] ($24) – Made from fresh, free-­range chicken marinated for over 13 hours and slow‐cooked to perfection, the chicken is a combination of crisp exterior and juicy, fork-tender meat. I loved it immediately after my first mouthful. The sauces include BBQ sauce, hot sauce and sesame sauce; all of which were delectable. My favourite was the hot sauce which had a mild sweetness of tomatoes and herbs, cutting through its spiciness. This portion was just right for 2 person – do not underestimate the amount of meat you can carve out from it! Rotisserie Chicken comes in 3 portions and several other flavours.

Side: Macaroni & Cheese – 
Far from your usual sinful mac & cheese, Charly T’s uses a recipe from award-winning Chef Rozanne Gold’s “Eat Fresh Food” cookbook which contains less cheese and includes fresh cauliflower. Thus the coating on the macaroni provided an interesting texture and was enhanced by the natural sweetness of the vegetables. You know how some mac & cheese becomes so difficult to get through due to its gooey and greasy sauce? Not with this one. 
Side: German Potato Salad
– To my surprise, the potatoes were warm and mushy from its stew. Don’t be deceived by its looks – the potatoes were extremely flavourful.

Kaiserschmarrn ($16) – Pieces of pancakes drenched with maple and raisins. To be honest, this dessert was really heavy to end off a meal with – the first few pieces were interestingly good but it was a difficult task to get through the entire portion.

Red Tang [Strawberry, Cranberry, Lychee] ($7) – A refreshing and girly drink, I loved it to bits!
Lemonade ($6.50) – Fizzy and tart, this is the ultimate tropics cooler.

Charly T’s has made a strong impression in me, thanks to its unique story that was left untold to many. With the launch of its Free-Flow Sliders & Beers Weekend, you know where to hang out at next weekend!


Charly T’s
#03-15, 112 Katong Mall
112 East Coast Road
Tel: 6636 4701


Many thanks to Ivy for hosting us! 


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