The Lokal @ Neil Road

The name of the café is extremely misleading as you won’t find any ‘local’ food like fried carrot cake nor a typical ‘local’ ambience like the coffeeshop. That said, The Lokal – the latest brunch destination – probably felt like one of those cafés you find in Australia. Well-hidden in a corner, next to Goethe-Institut Singapore, it sure was a pain to find it. I absolutely love the perfect pattern tiled walls, with a good balance of steel and wood. The unwanted zinc roof was actually repurposed to line the counters – good eye for details.

A sleek looking coffee machine that blends well into the colour theme!

Interesting murals!

Do you spot the 1-for-1 beer promotion?

The Lokal is a rather big café with a counter at the front and an open kitchen at the back. You will find 3 handsome Aussie chefs preparing your sumptuous brunch food. How’s that for a feast?

Rustic blue chairs!

Veal Schnitzel Burger ($28) – Not the most affordable brunch item on the menu, this was also one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long while. It was not oily, nor overly rich. The Schnitzel patties were much better than the ones I had in Vienna (the country of origin of Schnitzels). There breaded crust was crispy and the veal was tender and moist. I just want to sink my teeth into one of these now! The grilled pineapples added a zing to the burger and the greens were really refreshing. A great burger has to come with a great sauce to bind it altogether and this one here sure did not disappoint.

Breakfast Burger with Pork Belly, Broken Omelette, Spinach & Chilli Jam ($23) – If you don’t take beef, this is a good alternative. Don’t expect your Chinese Kong Ba Bao here though – the breaded pork belly was more firm, with less fat. Rejoice! The omelette was delicious but my only gripe was that the spinach had too much salt to them. Also, the makeshift knife was actually fried pork skin!

Warm Banana Bread w Caramelised Banana & Yoghurt ($15) – Don’t shy away from more bread for desserts! I had zero expectations of this – I mean how good can banana bread taste. I was proven wrong here. The bread was fragrant to boot – with banana. The texture was similar to those of tea cakes, hence not exactly bread. The sweetness of caramelised banana was even out by the sourish flavour of plain yoghurt. This combination is given a further twist with orange and lime zest and chopped nuts. Extremely innovative in my opinion and really stood out as a dessert.

Flat White

The Lokal has given me a new perspective on what a good brunch constitutes – it is definitely much more than your usual eggs, waffles and pancakes. Highly recommended for your next go-to brunch spot!


The Lokal
136 Neil Road
Tel: 6423 9918


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