Afterglow by Anglow @ Keong Saik Road

I’m typing this entry as I’m sitting outside the boarding gate! Sorry to digress. Afterglow was a surprise find as my friends and I were walking down Keong Saik and decided to skip an artisanal bakery as it couldn’t accommodate a table for 3. We were trying to peep into the café as the glass panels were reflective but soon enough, a staff whisked us in before we knew it! After sitting us down, he started sharing the concept of Afterglow – a vegan restaurant that uses only premium ingredients and all dishes are made from scratch – quite literally a farm-to-table concept. I was sold.

More bikes and brick walls! However, the main thing I like about Afterglow is the heavy use of wood which makes the place look and feel organic. My friends and I felt like we were transported to another country. It’s one of those places which perfected the balance between being hipster and real. No superficiality at all.


Pretty organic spa and lifestyle merchandises on display.

I just want to buy the entire shelf for myself and display it in a corner of my house!

Coffee machines have become a bloodline of cafés.

I was here to have desserts but here’s some reference from the main menu!

Dessert of the DayRaspberry Parfait [Cashew crumble, mango puree, coconut mousse and raspberry puree] ($12) – There is no artificial ingredient in here so you’re definitely eating real food! The staff explained how the dessert was created and even dissected all the elements that went into it! Service was exceptional and I’m sure diners will be very well-informed of all the food they are eating. Taste-wise, the dessert was really unique, in a good way of course. The textures came together seamlessly – mushy, creamy and crunchy. The natural sweetness in the mango balanced the sourness from the raspberry without any additional sugar. Healthy and interesting!

Coconut Water ($6) – Coconut repacked into plastic bottles. Drinking coconut juice has never been easier! 🙂

I’m in the phase whereby I love all organic and vegan food and I can’t wait to be back for their mains! Of course, the prices are on the higher end, considering there isn’t any meat or seafood. However, Afterglow has inculcated in me a trust in the goodness of pure and tasty food.

Afterglow by Anglow
24 Keong Saik Rd
Tel: 6224 8921


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