Saint Pierre @ Quayside Isle, Sentosa

You may easily miss Saint Pierre if you are overly enthralled by the million-dollar waterfront view Quayside Isle offers as the fine-dining restaurant is located at a corner of the second-storey. The only member of Relais & Châteaux in Singapore, Saint Pierre is definitely not like any of the brunch places. Just a background for you, Relais & Châteaux owns over 500 restaurants and hotel properties that are the finest of the finest around the world. Hence, I’m very surprised to find that the brunch offered at Saint Pierre was extremely reasonable.

Clean lines and colours complement the Nordic style of the restaurant. The restaurant can easily accommodate over 100 people, with 6 precious high chairs looking into the kitchen. Spot the golden-haired Chef In Black TV star, Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, in action!

The kitchen was busy the whole time and it was really an honour to have Chef Stroobant prepare the food! He even went around the tables to chat when most tables were done with their food. A really friendly gentleman!

A pity that some trees were blocking the picturesque view.
On Saturdays only, Saint Pierre offers the Classic Brunch Menu Set, which consists of a bread basket, a main and 2 drinks. This brunch set is priced at $38++ per person. There is also an extensive Brunch Ala-Carte menu which you shouldn’t miss too.

[Classic Brunch Menu Set, $38] Watermelon Juice, Fresh Mint – A nice refreshing to start off brunch with! Its sweet watermelon made the perfect cooler on a hot day!

[Classic Brunch Menu Set, $38] Homemade Assorted Bread, Croissant, Jam & Butter – I’ll recommend you to take the Classic Brunch Menu Set just so you could try the bread selection! All the bread – including brioche, croissant and chocolate danish – were fabulously scrumptious. They were fluffy-soft, with a whiff of buttery fragrance. Very, very impressive I would say! Only if they would open a bakery…

[Classic Brunch Menu Set, $38] Mains Option 1: Eggs Benedict, Iberico Ham, Champagne Hollandaise – Instead of the usual 2 eggs, there were 3! All 3 eggs were perfectly poached (just look at how smooth and consistent they look) and the hollandaise was so delicious! I couldn’t tell whether there was any champagne but the texture was definitely lighter than most and more foamy (those bubblies probably played a part). The shaved Iberico ham added the perfect amount of saltiness and meat to the dish.

[Classic Brunch Menu Set, $38] Mains Option 2: Beef Parmentier, Peas, Caramelised Onion, Gruyere Cheese Gratin, Tomato – I didn’t get to try this but my brother-in-law commented that though it was good, the portion was not enough. 3 eggs would probably fill you up better!

[Classic Brunch Menu Set, $38] Coffee 

[Ala-Carte] Scrambled Eggs, Black Truffle, Fresh Mushroom Duxelle, Wild Herbs ($22) – The Set Menu only has 3 mains options, hence you may want to order 1 set, together with other ala-carte dishes to get the most out of the brunch menus! The scrambled eggs were great, but I found the bread under to be too hard. A great vegetarian dish otherwise.

[Ala-Carte] Waffle, Fresh Berries, Creme Fraiche ($16) – Last but not least, this is a must-try at Saint Pierre!! The waffle was so awesome – fluffy, light and crispy (but not too crispy)! The creme fraiche was the cream of the crop – quite literally. It reminded me of the whipped cream I’ve had in Korea – soft, airy and not too sweet. Only skilled pastry chefs will be able to create such wonderful creme fraiche! This could easily be wiped out within 5 minutes!

Saint Pierre is one of my top brunch places to go to! The food will never disappoint, and the entire experience is completed with unparalleled service from waiters in suits.


Saint Pierre
Relais & Châteaux
#01-15 Quayside Isle
31 Ocean way
Tel: 6438 0887


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  1. alexis says:

    I’m really surprised at the price and the 3-egged benedict! great recommendation, thanks for sharing!

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