MEDZ’s All-New Asian Kitchen @ Millenia Walk

MEDZ has always been known for its unique Mediterranean selection (and popular rainbow cakes). However, I was surprised to find out that they recently launched an Asian Kitchen section – of course, largely to cater to our older folks who prefer their traditional white rice and soup for dinner.

If you haven’t been to MEDZ, let me show you around! Basically, the entire area is split into various cuisine specialties of different countries. Fresh ingredients are on display and food is prepared only upon ordering by a dedicated chef of each kitchen. The array of dishes is can get rather mind-boggling. Not complaining though – large variety gives you an excuse to visit again! 😛

Look at these meats and sausages! Perfect for the boys.

There! The latest kid of the family.

My favourite section of MEDZ is the Dessert section! In fact, I had my first introduction to churros right here a few years back.

Glorious cakes sitting in their cool box.

Up for some drinks? Spot the screening of matches!

Outdoor area.

Crispy Fish Skin w Superior Broth ($7.90) – I absolutely love crispy fish skin and I notice that very few Chinese restaurants actually serve this dish (even though it is most logical to do so to prevent wastage). MEDZ did it right as it was crunchy and very crispy. There was no fishy taste or scaly texture at all. It came with a small bowl of broth if you prefer it to be less dry. Personally, I love it the way it is, without any broth.

Wok Fried Chilli Flower Crab w Golden Mantou ($23.90) – If you’re craving for crabs and unwilling to spend big bucks, MEDZ has a budget solution for you. Don’t expect them to be chunky like your giant Sri Lankan crabs though. These local flower crabs are in fact very delicate in terms of texture, with a tinge of sweetness in their meat. The sauce was rich and flavourful but the heat factor could be raised by a few notches. Those mantous were really helpful in picking up the sauce too! Taking the price into consideration, these crabs are kinda the real deal.

Braised Tiger Prawn w Superior Broth & Pumpkin w Golden Mantou ($18.90) – My favourite dish of the night was this plate of super fresh prawns. These shell fish were meaty, springy and sweet. With the addition of the pumpkin broth, they were outstanding. Note that the prawns were deveined too!

Seafood Mee Goreng ($12.90) – On to the carbs! If you’re looking at having 1 main dish, seafood mee goreng will be a good choice. It came with a spicy kick that was agreeable to our tastebuds. I liked how they used the thinner version of yellow noodles too.

“Kampung Style” Seafood Fried Rice ($9.90) – Actually, I’m pretty torn between this and the Mee Goreng. I really like this fried rice as the ikan bilis were extremely crispy. I don’t take ikan bilis and always have my banmian without them, thus it really meant something to fancy them in this dish.

Roasted Crispy Chicken Set w Rice & Soup of the Day ($9.80) – MEDZ also serves Chinese sets whereby a main dish is served with rice and soup. Also, you’re free to substitute rice for mantous. The fried chicken reminded me of the Taiwanese chicken cutlet! The sauce underneath was the same one that goes with peking duck. An interesting twist of flavours here. On a side note, I really love the watercress soup. Ever since my mum stopped cooking, I rarely have the chance to drink double-boiled soup.

Soy Braised Beef Brisket Set w Rice & Soup of the Day ($9.80) – I think I prefer my beef grilled than braised!

Roasted Pork Belly – A bonus dish. Returning to the roots of MEDZ, we had their roasted pork belly from the Italian kitchen!

Rainbow Cake ($6.90 each) – Never leave MEDZ without trying their famous rainbow cake! They are much lighter in colours as compared to many other places and I really take comfort in knowing that I’m not downing buckets of colourings. That said, the sponge layers were very soft and fluffy. The cream to cake ratio was perfect.

Chocolate Lava Cake w Ice Cream ($7.90) – I took just one mouthful and I knew how potent this was. The cake was literally draped with velvety dark chocolate goo. So good! And at a steal!

Melon Earl Grey Tea – A refreshing and healthy drink!

To me, MEDZ is a great place for gatherings, be it family, friends or colleagues! Also, MEDZ has tweaked their ordering system where you fill in an order form and have your dishes served at your table instead of self-collection! Of course, still feel free to roam around as you decide what your dinner should consist of!


#01-46, Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Fri-Sat: Till 1am
Sun-Thurs: Till 12am

#B2-01, Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road 

To Li Qin & Racheal, thanks a lot for hosting us! 🙂



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