Carry On Café & Shop @ Tanjong Katong Road

Can’t find a table at the café during brunch hours and your precious weekend is ruined by the waiting list? Well, I’m pretty sure most of us understand this frustration, especially when people just wouldn’t quit talking and adjourn elsewhere. Here’s the answer to your misery! Carry On Café has been out of the radar for some reasons (understated marketing efforts and understated shopfront amidst the run-down mama shops probably). When I was here on a Sunday afternoon, we were the only customers – to my huge surprise.

Go pass the tinted glass entrance, and you’ll be pretty amazed by the amount of details put into this space. Apart from the brick walls that have become such a common sight in cafés, the metal pipings aka make-shift racks were brilliant, space-saving ideas! The entire look even matches the organic, funky styles of the bags by Yadu, a brand from Philippines.

Dreamy wall decals and notes!

A book rack made out of wooden boxes filled with many reads.

On the wall opposite, horizontal planks of raw wood were plastered across, with bikes mounted on to (what else right).

Even the metal pipes were used on the high tables! Love how the metal screens create a private space for tables of 4s.

More bags!

Back area of the café where you can find more quirky furnitures!

Drinks menu with pretty teapot wares!

London Fog ($5) – There were wraps and several other pastries available but we were too full to order more food by this 3rd café stop. However, we found a divine drink here – Early Grey Tea Latte which they named London Fog. The earl grey had a strong presence in this drink even though it was topped with a thick, frothy layer of milk foam and some added sweetness. This drink was an instant mood-lifter and would certainly have cleared any fog in London!

Carry On Café should definitely be on your list of must-visit! I’ve found out that they’re serving savoury waffles like smoked salmon w sour cream & dill waffles and bacon & scrambled egg waffles! There, I just gave you more reasons to swing by. Enjoy!


Carry On Café
348 Tanjong Katong Rd
Tel: 6348 2495


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