Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine @ Ngee Ann City

Admittedly, I’m a huge fan of Imperial Treasure Group and when the new specialty restaurant opened at Takashimaya last year, I was probably the first fews to try! However, I procrastinated writing this post even after my 5th visit here, simply because I don’t have exact prices of the dishes (a 50% perfectionist here). In this post, prices are hence estimated based on my memory. One thing for sure though, quality and prices are more premium than the rest of Imperial Treasure outlets.

The restaurant took over what used to be Coca Steamboat that was around for ages in the shopping mall. The decor was simply but classy, and the lantern-shaped space accommodated only one table each – increasing the privacy and intimacy of the setting.

Deep Fried Silver Fish ($10) – My favourite starter here and an exclusive one too! Usually deep fried silver fish come in tempura of sorts, with batter coating them, but these were flash-fried and glazed with honey. Extremely crunchy and full in flavour!

Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll ($12) – Layers and layers of beancurd skin were made into pockets filled with marinated diced mushrooms. The outer layer was crispy, revealing a tender and soft interior. Another excellent starter that you can’t say no to.

Braised Shark’s Fins ($90+) – Intricately and skillfully prepared, this dish was the epitome of indulgence. ‘Nuff said.

Shark’s Fins Clear Soup – Another style of preparation, the clear soup was nourishing and delicate.

Fish Maw & ‘Ji Cai’ Thick Soup ($20+) – For those who reject shark’s fins, you can go for this! The generous amount of fish maw bits made this soup an enjoyable one in terms of texture – and of course, satisfaction. The fine vegetable bits made the dish rather unappealing on first sight, yet resulted in a refreshing and unique flavour.

Spring Onion Fresh Fish Maw (est. $30/pax) – Each portion was served with a thick and chunky slab of fish maw – highly appreciated by us! Done in Shanghainese style, spring onions were added to a normally brown-sauce-only dish. To me, the addition did not do much of a difference.

Fried Beancurd Skin & Golden Ham w Flour Skin (est. $25) – A must-order here! The soft and warm flour skin was the perfect companion to the crispy beancurd skin and sweet-and-salty golden ham! The golden ham was tender enough to bite through, but I bet you’ll finish the entire Chinese BLT in a bite ‘cos it’s too good!

Smoked Tea Duck w Mini Buns (est. $40) – Granted, the duck had a nice smokey fragrance to it but it was too salty – even when eaten between the delicious mini buns. We had trouble finishing this up.

Fried Yellow Fish (est.$12) – Another one-of-a-kind dish that can be found at this specialty restaurant! The yellow fish was tender and meaty. It was surprisingly tasty even without any sauce over it.

Tofu Dumpling w Bamboo Pith (est. $22) – One for you tofu fans out there, this is not your boring stir-fried tofu with vegetables. In fact, these were tofu dumplings painstakingly created from a thin piece of tofu square and filled with chopped vegetables. Wondrous execution skills by the chefs!

Pan-Fried Meat Dumpling – By the way, the restaurant serves excellent dimsum dishes too!

Deep Fried Egg White Puff w Red Bean Paste & Banana – These are like your hamjimpangs but way, way softer and fluffier. Made of egg white and sugar, it sounded like a recipe for meringues but look at what gorgeous desserts the same ingredients had created. Encapsulated within was a dollop of red bean paste and a piece of banana, to add that element of surprise.

Osmanthus Jelly – Bite-sized refreshments to cleanse your palate and round off a good night!

Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant certainly upholds the standards of a fine dining venue. It is a go-to place for my family whenever special occasion arises as we know that the dining experience will be a fulfilling one. Thus far, the restaurant has never disappoint even after many return visits. Hopefully, this good work will be kept up!


Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant
#04-22, Takashimaya
391 Orchard Rd
Tel: 6836 6909


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